by jrob Moderator 31 May 2016

I was prompted to post this hint from the seam ripper holder project by baydreamer where many of you said you also had a problem keeping up with your seam ripper. She came up with a pretty and very useful solution. I used to have that problem, but I noticed that I never lost one side or the other. I always had put the cap back on before I misplaced my seam ripper, so..... I taped the cap on the front of my machine with painters tape and it's been there for nearly a decade now. I did have to replace the 10 year old tape for the picture :).


by gerryvb 01 Jun 2016

life can be so simple....thank you for the tip :)

by Ossineu 01 Jun 2016

Wonderful idea:-)

by marianb 01 Jun 2016

A very good idea..

by katydid 31 May 2016

Great idea! Now if I could find all the other things that I misplace. Kay

by mad14kt 31 May 2016

Good idea ;D

by baydreamer 31 May 2016

Great idea!

by sbott54 31 May 2016

Two tips today on handling stray seam rippers. Both are great and how simple can it be to just tape. Thanks for sharing your idea.

by PeggyJ 31 May 2016

What a great idea. Going to do this and share with my sewing friends. Thank you for sharing.

by dailylaundry 31 May 2016

Great solution!

by sewdeb 31 May 2016

Brilliant idea - which I will be borrowing! Thanks for sharing it with us!

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 May 2016

Great idea.

by 02kar Moderator 31 May 2016

Thanks I love this idea. No more rummaging in the drawer to find one anymore.

by carolpountney 31 May 2016

Great idea will have to try it

by dragonflyer 31 May 2016

Brilliant! I have one of those round magnetic pin holders. I keep the cap on the back end of the seam ripper and put it on the magnetic pin holder with the pins...

jerrib by jerrib 31 May 2016

Be careful with magnets around your machine. I have heard it isn't wise.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 31 May 2016

Thanks, Jerri