by devon 26 May 2016

Hey Cute family,

Just wanted to give an update on my family.
We have moved into an apartment. Still have camper, moved it to the beach. I have my machine all set up now ready to sew!!!!!!
Work is still really slow, but we will make it. I am off till Tuesday. Don’t know if that is good or bad.
My husband is finally having surgery on July 8th. Please keep him in your prayers.
Thanks everyone flowers and hugs for everyone!!!!
Love Devon


by hightechgrammy 27 May 2016

Hi Devon,
You have your priorities right! Set the sewing machine up first! Prayers for you and your husband, and lots of love and hugs. Jan

by pldc 27 May 2016

prayers continue for you both ~hugs~

by sdrise 27 May 2016

Prayers are coming your way! Glad everyone is OK...

by lbrow 27 May 2016

Wish for you and hubby the very best. You will be in my prayers and hope surgery goes ok/Lillian

by dragonflyer 26 May 2016

Glad to hear your husband is finally getting the surgery he needs...take advantage of the time you have...

by katydid 26 May 2016

Do hope the best for you and your family. Use that machine as it is therapy!!!

by noah 26 May 2016

Will pray Devon Hugs Carolyn

by sebsews 26 May 2016

An apartment, camper at the beach and sewing...Life is Good! Wishing the best for your husband! Hugs Suzanna

by cfidl 26 May 2016

Moving is a lot of change. So glad to hear you have your machine set up. Best wishes and prayers for a complete recovery.

by mechille 26 May 2016

Glad to hear things are getting better. :)

by zoefzoef 26 May 2016

Hello Devon !
Great to read this are getting better again ! Sunshine !!!
Prayers to your husband and for you both that everything keeps on going fine. Hugs Linda

by jrob Moderator 26 May 2016

I'm glad you are settling in. How lucky are you to have your camper on the beach!
Prayers for your hubby's surgery.

by michemb 26 May 2016

Nice to hear from you, praying things go well and improve for all.

by dee 26 May 2016

Hope things go well for you in new apartment.