by stork 06 May 2016

This is the cow that Vicki digitized for me. A big THANK YOU to her and Meganne, who helped with the arched letters!!! These girls are great!!!!!! It's been done for a while but haven't been able to post the picture.


by pennyhal2 07 May 2016

I love this cow! Vicki is really a great digitizer and your stitchout is fantastic! Well done!

by jrob Moderator 07 May 2016

Sometimes it take the entire herd. lol
Looking good!

by lidiad 07 May 2016

Gorgeous designs, well done to the three of you!
Hugs, Lidia

by katydid 07 May 2016

I call this team work and a success! Kay

by mlbell70 07 May 2016

you did a wonderful job

by sandralane 07 May 2016

Great work from all, turned out terrific. Sandra.

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 May 2016

Good teamwork. Result is great.

by noah 06 May 2016

Yes cuties are the best hugs
And oh nicely sewed to more hugs

by pldc 06 May 2016

super job by all ~hugs~

by pennifold 06 May 2016

Well Tonya, that has turned out beautifully. I love the Holstein cow the expression is really great and the lettering in the Arch has also turned out well. I was down at Meg's 2 weeks ago and she showed me what she had done. She is a sweetie and of course so is Vicki and all of our digitisers on here who are willing to help us mere mortals! Love Chris

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stork by stork 06 May 2016

I was very happy with how everything turned out. Those ladies that digitize are Embroidery Gods to me! lol

by graceandham 06 May 2016

Looks great! Congrats!

by babash 06 May 2016

Wow that looks great. What size is the Lettering? The top part that is arched. You have done a fantastic job of this between the 3 of you. Wouldn't have been easy to line up on the slippery Jacket fabric. Well done.

stork by stork 06 May 2016

No, it wasn't easy to line up and it also had a mesh lining which had a mind of it's own! The white lettering is around 3/4" and the red letters are from Oma's and they are 1/2".

babash by babash 06 May 2016

I thought the lettering was a couple of inches as it looks so good.
Thanks for answering.

by basketkase 06 May 2016

This really turn out great.........thanks for showing!

by liliana1 06 May 2016

Great Job from all of you

by dragonflyer 06 May 2016

Great job by all...Cuties are the BEST!

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stork by stork 06 May 2016

Thank you and Yes, they are!! You are among those who have been great help too!