by Kimbra68 23 Apr 2016

My first mug rug. I trimmed the edge a little too


by abbeybella281 edited 25 Apr 2016

Sometime decision making become difficult in certain scenario and you need some research and facts to second your decision. This research actually seconds my part.

by bevintex edited 24 Apr 2016

I recognize it as a freebie from sew forum, just enter dresden plate coaster in the search box. Yours is very nice

by pennyhal2 24 Apr 2016

Great choice of fabric! I'm sure you learned a lot from doing the first one. It took me a while to figure out what to do to get mine to look the way I wanted them to look.

by weebsdox 24 Apr 2016

I love this design. Where did you get it?

by pennifold 23 Apr 2016

I agree with Carolyn, just use your zig-zag stitch and go over where the fabric has been missed. Love Chris

by Barbaric 23 Apr 2016

the materials you picked look great.

by liliana1 23 Apr 2016

Great Mug Rug, looks terrific

by lbrow 23 Apr 2016

You are doing well. Keep up the good work. We learn by the mistakes we make. This is lovely/Lillian

by dragonflyer 23 Apr 2016

Great job...

by Smokey12 23 Apr 2016

Nice choice of fabrics and a really cute design.

by mlbell70 23 Apr 2016

I like it, very pretty. Could you tell where u got the design.?

by babash 23 Apr 2016

Very good for a first attempt. As Noah said just zig zag the edges.

by noah 23 Apr 2016

Very nice just take it to your sewing machine and zig zag over those bad spots lol Hugs

by Ossineu 23 Apr 2016

Looks very good. I love the fabrics:-) Well done.

by jeanfoz 23 Apr 2016

Very nice, Jean xx