by DeeDee1960 23 Apr 2016

Could someone please make the name ILEIGHA for me? I have looked allover for this to put on headbands for my granddaughter but no luck in finding this name! Thanks so much!


by airyfairy 05 Jul 2016

Did this person ever come back?

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 05 Jul 2016

Good question...

by katydid 23 Apr 2016

Glad , We came to the rescue! Kay

by pennifold 23 Apr 2016

So glad that one of our Cuties has responded to help you. We have such wonderful talented ladies and gents on here. Love Chris

by hightechgrammy 23 Apr 2016

Thanks for your polite request! You would be surprised how many don't use please and thank you.

mops by mops 23 Apr 2016

I'll second that.

meganne by meganne 25 Apr 2016

Yes it is a sad fact that (some) people don't seem to realise that at the other end of the message is a real, true life, person who loves helping out but even more so if the request is made with courtesy. :-)
huge hugs n roses, M

by dragonflyer 23 Apr 2016

Cuties are the best...

by lique 23 Apr 2016

PM me with the size, letter type and format you want it in. Also your email address so I can email it to you. Would you like to use all capitals?

jrob by jrob 23 Apr 2016

You're a sweetheart, Angelique!

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 03 May 2016

Thanks, our Angelique!