by chenille 12 Apr 2016

I have a question regarding software and Windows 10. It looks like we will be upgrading...older computer and laptop, and I am concerned that my older programs will not work with Windows 10. I rely mainly on PED basic and I have the card writer and some blank brother cards. I have had this program reinstalled by Brother ( phone call ) a couple of times now and after that I'm not even sure that they would or could do it again. I also purchased SewIconz quite some time ago and have the disc... , and I have a few programs I purchased from DIME.

IF I have to go to a new program what are the recommendations. I really need something straight forward as I am no computer whiz. I know that some are out there and you can have a free trial....??Also are the prices of these the same at every outlet ? Oh, and directions, I really need directions!! There is no outlet in our area so no one I can talk to or get instructions from regarding embroidery programs. I really could use any advice Cuties are willing to share.
TIA, Hugs, Nadyne


by anangel 15 Apr 2016

Nadyne, as Meganne and Rescuer have suggested, have your computer with XP operating system checked by a computer service business, not a retail sales store! I just recently thought my computer with XP (which operates all my embroidery devices wonderfully), had died! I was heartsick!! Luckily, I went to a small computer repair service about thirty miles away to see what he could do to help. As I had kept the XP harddrive from my old computer, which had all my designs and programs, he simply installed it as a secondary harddrive into another older XP computer. He told me just NOT to use it online to avoid any viruses, and to quit panicking that I would forever lose the XP operating system!! He said he could always put the XP OS on a computer for me, so as long as I have copies of my designs and programs to put on there, too, I can keep on stitching happily!!!
Hugs, Angel

by meganne 14 Apr 2016

Hi Nadyne,
I suggest you hang on to your old computer or just your laptop and just don't use it to connect to the internet. It is using the internet that is the main reason for upgrading as the older Windows operating systems become more susceptible to malware: Trojans, etc because they are no longer supported by Microsoft.

Your older computer (laptop) could still give you years of service if you do this.

Before the internet we used our computers without any worry of getting viruses or being hacked by unscrupulous people wanting to damage our systems or steal our money or identity. They did NOT exist before the internet.

I have three older laptops running Windows XP, none of them are connected to the Internet.
I still use them for digitising because the professional digitising programs (I have) cost thousands of dollars and I cannot afford to replace them now that we have both retired.

Keep your new computer for browsing the internet, downloading designs, email, etc.
When you feel comfortable you can test your embroidery programs on it, but still have your older comp to fall back on or just keep them separate. Pauline (Nonna57) does this now, too.

Just remember, if you want to transfer downloaded designs to your old comp, make sure you have run a virus/anti malware scan on them first.

OH, I AM intending to buy another later model (reconditioned) laptop but my technician says he see no reason why I can't just upgrade to Windows 7 because (he believes) it will be around until at least 2020 and if I use Windows 7 Professional instead of Home, it has Virtual XP so will still run some of my favourite graphics programs.
(I tried Windows 10 and just don't like it at all, in fact I don't like Windows 7 either, but I will use it for Internet, mail etc because it is supported and able to be protected.)

I hope some of this helps. hugs n roses, Meganne

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airyfairy by airyfairy 14 Apr 2016

Great advice Meg

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by airyfairy edited 14 Apr 2016

I see you mention SewIconz, I also have that program and SewWhatPro. You can always contact Steve he is so helpful with this sort of thing

by vickiannette 14 Apr 2016

this a question hovering in many an embroiderers' mind, with so much new technology. I sure hope my Win7 stays good for a long time yet.

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meganne by meganne 14 Apr 2016

Hi Vicki, my computer technician believes Win 7 will probably be around until at least 2020 because it is very popular with big business. Let's all hope so. :-)

by fontmomma 13 Apr 2016

Welcome to I'm not working club. I can't use my Pe-Basic either. I e-mailed the company and they said to save as Genic version 1.0. Still doesn't work. I did download a free trial of PE-basic 10, but I need to get a manual. I do not know what their price is yet. Getting them somewhere is something I can't afford-$179 plus when you add shipping.
If someone has a suggestion, let me know.

by awesome1 13 Apr 2016

I have Win10 and PEBasic. Go to Brothersite for d/l of the software with update for the card reader/ writer. Follow instructions for installing--simple. Your reader box verifies your ownership. I had no probs at all. My PE Design v5 was not compatible with Win10, but works in Win7 requires a 32 bit processor to install. I also had no probs copying & installing my old Pulse Ambassador, nor Wings My Editor. However my Embrilliance Thumbnailer program was so old that I requested assistance from the company. Gave access to my computer and the rep updated my copy and installed for me- remotely. He was so gracious. I jump in with my experiences because my programs are old also. So I will have to have 2 computers to keep from buying new emb softwares. I'm fine with that.

by KCowden 13 Apr 2016

My PED basic works fine on Windows 10. I hate to tell you this, then yours not work. I don't understand much computer stuff.

by graceandham 13 Apr 2016

To the many who inquire about this sort of thing from time to time, what if you kept your old computer for just embroidery and never went online with it to keep from getting viruses? Or if your old one crashed, there are many old computers for sale used for next-to-nothing on which your old software will continue to work. Just a thought. I have my 1998 computer just for the games on it I liked especially You don't have to tell anyone you are doing this, unless you do as I just did!

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meganne by meganne 14 Apr 2016

Great thinking Grace and exactly what I advised before I read you post. hugs n love, Meganne

by gerryvb 13 Apr 2016

I have Pe design 7 now, that works on windows 7, but my previous pe design 5 ( or 6) did work on windows XP, but didn't work on windows 7.
so I am worried the version I have now will not work on windows 10.
That's why I have windows 10 on the laptop. but on the pc I keep the windows 7 version, because i have other graphic programs too, that will probably will not work on 10, and I don't like to buy them all again...
Hugs , Gerry

by maisiebo 13 Apr 2016

Not sure if windows 10 does this but worth finding out
on other window set ups you can set certain programs to work on older versions of windows which I have done a number of times so I can still use faithful old programs successfully
good luck be interested to know what you find out as I also have
PED BASIC and card reader i'M ON WINDOWS 7

by sdrise 13 Apr 2016

My particular software will not work with Windows 10. I would need a new program. Call your dealer to ask .. If you install windows 10 you have until June to go back to your other operating system. There is an article explaining the whole procedure on Windows knowledge base. You can go back and forth as many times as you want to until the cut off date.Suzanne

rescuer by rescuer 13 Apr 2016

Please note that all your programs will have to be reinstalled if you go back a it will put your machine back to its original state. Back up any data you want to keep in the event the upgrade fails.

sdrise by sdrise 13 Apr 2016

Thanks I forgot to say that!

mlbell70 by mlbell70 13 Apr 2016

I do not understand how to back-up my computor info.

rescuer by rescuer 15 Apr 2016

Have someone that knows computers well help you out. There are many steps to get it set up correctly. You will not be able to save your programs in most backup scenarios -- only your designs, photos and documents.

by momac 13 Apr 2016

I have version 6, Brother also using a card reader, will not work on 7 or 8,
Had to keep my XP for it to continue reading, but alas the XP gave up on me a few months ago, so hence cannot use the Brother machine. Can't afford an upgrade.

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rescuer by rescuer 13 Apr 2016

Find a kind computer tech to see if your XP machine can be fixed. Some businesses need to keep XP for the same reason. Then, once it is fixed, keep it offline.
Also, if you happen to have Windows 7 business edition, there is a way to use it to have XP in a virtual machine inside 7. Don't go to a box store for help, their job is to upgrade/upsale

by Barbaric 12 Apr 2016

Check that your computer has enough room to run windows 10. I upgraded to windows 10 and use PE next with no problems. Until I had a black out and lost everything on my laptop. Ended up reinstalling windows 8. My Computer Tech is going to clone my desktop computer which is on windows 10 also, is case it happens again. To top it off my external hard drive had a fatal error and I am unable to access my files. Try Embrilliance or Embird. If you require more info don't hesitate to ask more questions we are here to help.

by seamripper40 12 Apr 2016

I have the same ped- basic one as you and am wondering about that also. We have delayed changing over too. Would like some info on this too. Thanks if any one can help us.