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by bowlds ( edited 06 Apr 2016 ) 06 Apr 2016

Is there any way to get my Janome 8000 card designs off the card and into my new machine or computer??? So I can use them on my new machine too?? I have many cute designs on these old cards and was wishing I could transfer them in some way. I have a Babylock Ellageo now and the card slots are different. Thanks!


by brendalea 08 Apr 2016

Have you tried putting the card into a card reader that plugs into your computer? Copy them into your computer. Then transfer them from the computer to your new machine. Year ago I used a Janome card reader to copy designs off an old card to my computer then put then onto a USB stick.
Hope that helps. Happy Stitching!!!

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bowlds by bowlds 09 Apr 2016

Thank you, I don't have a card reader though. I may have to check ebay!

by airyfairy 07 Apr 2016

I have a feeling that this is not possible - could be wrong

by mygirl4204 07 Apr 2016

Don't know if this will help or confuse
Found this when I searched....
The site is called Artisans Square.
Types of Sewing > Machine Embroidery

Card Reader for Older Embroidery Machine (Janome 9000)

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I'm trying to get some info on using older Janome memory cards. I have a Janome 350e. I purchased an older Janome Memory Card for Janome Models 5000,5700 & 9000 (Felix #40) and would like to know what kind of card reader I can use to get the designs off the card and on to my computer. I'd like to use software to convert those designs to .jef format and then copy them to my USB flash drive to be able to stitch them out on my Janome 350e. I'm pretty competent with computers, software and the like, but am not sure what I should be looking for as a device to read this card and others like it I might come across. Can I get an older Magic Box to read them and then use Sew What Pro or Embird to convert the format?
Thank you for any help

Hi Gina,
I can suggest a few options,but I'm not sure which is best.
(1) The Janome10000 card reader accepts cards for older model Janome machines that contain designs in the SEW format. However, from what I read on the Janome page, the cards must be the 3 digit type and your Felix card is a two digit type (#40).
(2) The Magic Box and Amazing box products claim to read most cards and write them to a blank card in the format you select. This can be a very expensive ($200 or so) solution, however.
(3) The Janome Customizer 2000 software came with a card reader/writer that was compatible with the Janome 9000, 8000, and possibly others. I have written designs to a blank card to use in my Janome 9000 but have never tried to read a Janome design card with it. Also,I don't know if it will read a two digit series card like Felix. Ideally, the card reader could read the card to the PC in SEW format, then you could convert it to JEF.
(4) The Sew What product is a less expensive conversion program than Buzz Tools or Embird, but there are several free conversion programs available.
I will look for my Janome design cards tomorrow and see if my card reader will copy the SEW designs to my PC.
- Stefano

I tried to copy a couple of my Janome 9000 design cards to my computer by using the Customizer 2000 software and read/write box - no luck. I called Janome and this is what they told me:
In general, design cards for older Janome machines can be copied to your PC using the card reader and software I mentioned above, and then converted to JEF format. However, there are exceptions. You can't copy Janome cards 101 to 121 because of trademark restrictions. The cards I was trying to copy (101 and 102) fell into that category so that explains why the operation failed. I asked about Felix #40 and the rep believed that was trademarked as well. I suggested they put this info on their web page because my research showed a lot of similar questions were being asked and there were not many definitive answers.

:) I was searching on the internet for details on how to upload new designs to the Janome 9000 which I bought yesterday (and I know its an old, out-of-date machine, but at $500 the price was right..!) and I found this chain!!! THANK YOU all for saving me hours of research!!! I have read all your posts, and it seems that my solution is the Magic Box, which comes with a blank card, for the grand total of $199 (I may find it elsewhere for less, but that's just the first one that popped up). This information was just what I needed, and so I have joined your guild....I look forward to many many new projects, and just know that if I need any more answers, I am sure to find them here!!!

Gillian, welcome to Stitcher's Guild. How wonderful that you found answers to your questions here. You got a wonderful deal on the Janome 9000 for $500. I think you will love that machine. I still have mine, but use it only as a backup.

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bowlds by bowlds 07 Apr 2016

Thank you so much for all the information, that is very helpful. Cathy

by dragonflyer 07 Apr 2016

Killiecrankie is correct...There is a disk with just about all of the designs that were on all of the Janome Cards both 8000 cards and 9000 cards...I have it and got it when I purchased my 11000SE...I don't know of a way to get them off of the cards though...

by killiecrankie 07 Apr 2016

I sold all my cards years ago but was rather annoyed that Janome brought out a disc called Embroidery Design Gallery featuring 487 designs,nearly all the designs for the 8000 priced at $80 when each card was about $100.You might be able to find this disc on ebay or some other auction site .

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bowlds by bowlds 07 Apr 2016

I did find that disk on ebay, 1/2 hour after it went off auction! I emailed the seller to see if he was going to relist it, thank you.

by liliana1 06 Apr 2016

A few years back my dealer took my cards and put them all on a disk maybe yours can do this for you

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bowlds by bowlds 07 Apr 2016

Thank you, I will have to ask. I did just remember there may have been a disk with 8000's designs on for those who bought the 10,000 but I may be wrong as that was a long time ago!

by rachap 06 Apr 2016

If you can find a Magic Box or Ultimate Box you can probably do it. They are reader writer boxes that reads the card and transfers it to another device-like your computer, a floppy disc or usb stick. I did htis when I changed machines and needed a different format.

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bowlds by bowlds 06 Apr 2016

Thanks. I saw one once used but it said something about if you didn't know the Magic box's password you couldn't use it as there was no way to get a new one......

by babash 06 Apr 2016

Have you asked a Janome demonstrator? Reason I ask is the one that was showing me the 500e got excited about the built in designs and said " Oh I must get them off and onto my USB" Apparently she had taken built in designs from another model as well. So it seems the impossible is possible if you know how.
Worth asking as you own the designs it is not cheating.

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bowlds by bowlds 06 Apr 2016

Thanks, I will do that too.

by graceandham 06 Apr 2016

I don't believe you can. But, I hope someone proves me wrong.

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bowlds by bowlds 06 Apr 2016

I hope so too!

by pcteddyb 06 Apr 2016

There was an external card reader available for my Brother Quattro - not sure if there is one for your machine or not. Also, not sure of the format of Janome vs. PES (I was given old Bernina cards that were in PES and my machine could read them). Good Luck.

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bowlds by bowlds 06 Apr 2016

Thanks for the info.