by chenille 24 Mar 2016

I just want to wish all at Cute a very Happy Easter!

I have been very busy lately ...Spring cleaning and 2 sets of company coming with no fixed date yet! I just get to pop in for a quick visit here now and then. I'm sure things will level out soon. :-)
A big thanks to Miss Veronica for all her hard work , Birthday wishes to all I have missed , and prayers for all.
Hugs, Nadyne


by noah 27 Mar 2016

Happy Easter to you Hugs Carolyn
He Is Risen!!!!

by sewdeb 26 Mar 2016

Thanks and a happy Easter to you, too!

by designgirl 25 Mar 2016

Thank you and you enjoy your Easter also.

by graceandham 24 Mar 2016

A blessed Easter for you also.