by teddybear117 23 Feb 2016

UPS just delivered a package. I just got 6 huge balls of Spinrite Bernat Blanket Big Ball Yarn. Now to figure out what to make. So many decisions. lol. I know what I was going to make but things can change in a heartbeat. And they have. Now does anyone have any ideas. It is bulky yarn #6 and Vintage White. This yarn is so soft and pretty. 6.38 for 10 oz. at Amazon. I got free shipping with Prime. I can't wait to get started. I have a number of drs. visits and dentists (major surgeries) visits to look forward to and preparing myself for the 2 hr waits before being seen. That was one of the reasons for when I posted the books on I know a lot of us see the dr often or sit with relatives at the dr or in the hospital. I thought the books to be a way of passing the time.


by marianb 24 Feb 2016

It all depends on how thick the wool is maybe a scarf for next winter and I also like Sues idea for carrying ease. Look forward to what you decide. Marian

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 18 Jul 2016

Thank you for the comment

by spendlove Moderator 24 Feb 2016

If you have to carry the project about a lot, crochet might be safer than knitting. How about an afghan made in squares so you only have to carry a ball of yarn and a hook?

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 edited 18 Jul 2016

Sorry it took so long to get back to daughter had 2 back surgeries and have been a bit busy. Thanks for the comment..I finished a cowl for my daughter (crochet) and I mostly do crochet. I haven't knitted since I was a 'kid' but a second childhood is always allowed ...right?