by justsew 14 Feb 2016

This one is another first for me, I had to alter a clock design that I had, to fit the circle, then i added the lamb design to it, glueing it and getting the edge right has been difficult and I am not happy with that bit but I will do another and hope to get better.

Hugs Pam


by sandralane 15 Feb 2016

Looks great to me, love the sheep in the middle, you have done a great job with the clock. Don't be too hard on yourself. Lovely work. Sandra.

by shirley124 14 Feb 2016

Nice. I have some clocks to stitch out when all is well in our household. What type of fabric did you use? Hugs Shirley

justsew by justsew 15 Feb 2016

med calico,

shirley124 by shirley124 16 Feb 2016


by debswebster 14 Feb 2016

It's very, very cute!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Feb 2016

Looks great to me. How big is it? I can see this ina child's bedroom. I think you did really well with the adjustments you had to make.

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justsew by justsew 14 Feb 2016

I adjusted to make it 161 x 161 and that was the size of the inner clock face , the test stitch out was too small and not a complete circle.

by Ossineu 14 Feb 2016

I think it looks perfect. Well done.

by noah 14 Feb 2016

Looks excellent from Canada lol love it hugs

by Smokey12 14 Feb 2016

Love this, I would like this to hang on my wall at work. You did a great job on it.

by sonjapotgieter 14 Feb 2016

It looks Stunning..So cute!!!Well done

by Wendyy 14 Feb 2016

It is so cute. I love it as I am sure many will.

by airyfairy 14 Feb 2016

It looks absolutely perfect to me

by jeanfoz 14 Feb 2016

We are never satisfied, it's lovely, Jean xx

by laffma1 14 Feb 2016

This looks terrific. You did a really nice job making this clock face.

by pennifold 14 Feb 2016

Don't be so hard on yourself Pam, it looks fabulous. Love the little lamb design, love Chris