by twee 09 Feb 2016

I'm hearing that Wilcom is making a new digitizing software called Hatch. A free 30 day trial version can be down loaded. I'm wondering, has anyone tried it and what do you think if you have tried. Since I am living in China for a few more months I am hesitant to try the down load in case it causes a glitch with my current embroidery software. Wilcom is the company that makes the software for the Bernina machines. I'm interested in hearing from you all.


by Patricia109 14 Jul 2016

I have Truesizer and used to use it all the time to change to my machine's format when I downloaded the wrong format. :-)
Received the info on the new Hatch, but not bothering to look at it as I now use Embrilliance which I am very happy with.

by maggiecal 14 Jul 2016

Hi, I would love to know how Hatch, their hobby software differs from their professional E3 software. I know there's a huge difference in price, but what are you not getting? I'll have to go ping one of the emails they've sent me and ask if they're developing a chart to steer folks in the right direction (I see the direct links with CorelDraw and such).

I had 4D, went to TruEmbroidery for Mac and may be shopping for a different software as new Mac OSs are released rather than upgrade my TruE. I'd thought Floriani (they still offer upgrades for life, which is a huge draw) so surprised with msjames findings. I know these are all pc programs, but am adept at pcs and Macs both - had wanted to move all design to the Mac.

Years ago someone had asked and Embroidery Library, at the time, had said they used Wilcom. I've always considered that their professional software is top of the line. Considered Floriani as well as that's what Anita Goodesign uses (and his video has me desperately wanting a Wacom tablet to draw on).

Haven't tried it out yet, just thinking of the digitizing options out loud :-)

by msjames 14 Jul 2016

I got the 30 day trial and found it is better than the floriani software. I am very familiar with the floriani which I have extensively used and even took classes on. Hatch by wilcom is MUCH better on stitch out on the designs.

by cfidl 15 Feb 2016

HI twee, it is so good to see you. Got sometime to show some pics before you leave China? Thanks!

by dragonflyer 09 Feb 2016

I haven't looked into this new Hatch software from them, but I do know that they are no longer going to make the Bernina software...Bernina has contracted with a new company and are currently developing a brand new software program...I do not know when it will be released, but Wilcom is out...

twee by twee 10 Feb 2016

The latest word I have heard from my dealer is that Wilcom will be building the V8. Originally they announced awhile back that they were going in house with a company to build V8. I wonder if it didn't work out or something.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 15 Feb 2016

Hmmm, interesting...something must not have worked out with their new software developer...

by mops Moderator 09 Feb 2016

I had a look. The information is a bit limited. Especially for the digitising part. The name only a few options for fill, etc so downloading the free trial is a must as far as I am concerned.
As a rule the software won't interfere with other software suites- i have Embird, 6D Premium and Wilcom Truesizer installed and never had any problems. Hardly ever use Truesizer other than being able to answer questions about it.

mops by mops 09 Feb 2016

It does not convert to ART. The price for the complete set is reasonable, $1099, that is less than the latest 6D upgrade.

twee by twee 10 Feb 2016

Thanks for checking it out. I have to be very careful here in China. The Internet can be very slow so sometimes downloads are difficult. Security is tighter than ever now. I do want to check it our further when I get home in June.