by Alzex 09 Jan 2016

Hello, I need help with custom font (Serbian language). In our language we have letters such as Ć,Č,Ž,Đ,Š, and i don't know how to embroider them. We have two oficial letters -Latin (Ć,Č,Ž,Đ,Š), and Cyrillic (Ц,Ћ,Ж,Љ,Њ,Ф,etc.). It does have some similarities with russian letters but not all letters. Can anyone give me advice how can I digitize, and with which software those letters. Thank you so much in advance


by graceandham 11 Jan 2016

welcome to Cute Embroidery. You were smart to figure out how to get your alphabet!

by Alzex 11 Jan 2016

Thanks everyone, but in meanwhile i found the solution! I'm using a Brother Pe-Design and with help of true type fonts for Microsoft Word i found a way how to have name embroidered on our serbian letter :). My machine uses exp format, so every time i need to convert from pes to exp but i don't mind. I found these video on youtube which helped me a lot. If anyone need help send me a mesage :) .

Thanks everyone for answering

rescuer by rescuer 11 Jan 2016

You might consider different embroidery software. There are a few that are cost effective and offer the ability to digitize TTF.

Alzex by Alzex 12 Jan 2016

Since i am novice at embroidery can you please recommend me what kind of software should I use?

rescuer by rescuer 19 Jan 2016

Here is a link with more information and it includes links to software:

by kazza 09 Jan 2016

Brother Russia have a free alpha which may partially be of help to you.

by rescuer Moderator 09 Jan 2016

Welcome to Cute!
If you are looking for something already done, try the link to see if they have what you want.
Digitizing is not easy -- I think many of the different letter/font software packages would have what you need. You want one that allows BX to be used as you could use BX format to type what you need.
I hope someone with more experience comes along soon.