by nonna57 05 Jan 2016

Chris "pennefold" and Meganne, Hope you have your floaties on and not washed away with the flooding, Heading home now, Just shy of T/worth, Still a long drive ahead..


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by meganne edited 07 Jan 2016

Only just found this post and was starting to worry since I have not heard from you.
Just read your answer to Chris so at least I know you're home safely. hugs n love, me

by vickiannette 06 Jan 2016

have wondering how our Eastern States cuties have fared in this downpour! Poor old cricket enthusiasts have had it rough too, especially the Jane McGrath day. cheers from dry South Australia.

by cfidl 06 Jan 2016

So last week was the southeast U.S. and parts of the UK and then the Mississippi and now SE Australia? Wow! I do not remember a time when the flooding was this global. Please y'all stay safe!

by shirley124 06 Jan 2016

Glad you got home safely. Sorry to hear of all the rain you are getting up there. We could do with a little down here in Tassie. We rely on tank water and our tank is only half full (or empty he he he) The farmers are in need of water for stock etc. Hugs Shirley

by pennifold 06 Jan 2016

Hi darling, it's absolutely persistently coming down! Hasn't eased for 3 days. We had a lot of road blocks etc. In Raymond Terrace people had to be evacuated from their homes. Be careful on the roads, they are really treacherous. We've got water backed up behind our bathroom brick retaining wall and Trev's been under the house 3 times to bale out water. We have a water bubble/leak next to my Rangehood too in the kitchen. Trevor pricked the bubble and we just let the water drip out until it was gone. He's put a bucket up in the roof to catch the excess. The reason it's doing this is because when we had the renovations done and they cut the new roof-line in they have left the sarking hanging down and the water is coming in from one of the tiles we think! We'll have to wait till it dries out before we can get someone to fix it. Love Chris P.S. Drive safely

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nonna57 by nonna57 06 Jan 2016

Home safe Chris. Bit wet here too !!! Rained all the way from Brissy to Sydney. Van leaked :( Hope it dries out for you to do repairs .. ps thanks for the tea towels. Love them xx

by marianb 06 Jan 2016

You should be home about now, hope it was a dry and uneventful drive.

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nonna57 by nonna57 06 Jan 2016

Marian Home safe . 130 ml rain in gauge. 5 grands here with Mum & Dad. Apparently 1 week with them in Brissy wasnt enough !!!!! But loving it :)

by sandralane 05 Jan 2016

Take it easy, don't forget a coffee break. Sandra.

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nonna57 by nonna57 06 Jan 2016

Coffee breaks and Nonna & Pop naps in the caravan 3 times today on our way home :)

by toogie 05 Jan 2016

Be careful and drive safely!

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nonna57 by nonna57 06 Jan 2016

Thankyou Toogie. ;0

by moyed 05 Jan 2016

Hey what about coffee break

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nonna57 by nonna57 06 Jan 2016

Thanks Helen . Next time we pass thru :)