by mysew1325 30 Dec 2015

Well guess where I was on Christmas Day ... in the ER.. I had a spell of some sort.. they thought it was a Stroke, but maybe a Seizer .. so they put me in a room for 5 days... I had 3 Different MRI's then I had a Spinal Tap .. then a CATC of the whole body.. in the MRI they found a growth between both the right and Left side in the bottom but not at the stem of my brain .. when they did the body scan they did not find any tumors in the body, which was great.. so what ever that is, it did not come from my body.. I was so scared they would find me full of cancer... now I am on a new med for a few days.. they will do another MRI in one month to see if it is agressive if so.. but I am already going to see MD Anderson in Huston .. they are the best in this sort of research of the brain... but the kids had their Christmas with us today and that was fun


by pacmp 08 Jan 2016

If they tell you it is chiari or Arnold Chiari Malformation, please PM me. Much too long for this post, but if you are feeling better, you should also keep a little note pad so if you start feeling "off" write down what you were doing, if you had been exercising, were stressed lifting boxes, had been tipping your head back looking upward, having been to the dentist or beautician, had tipped your head back into the wash basins.... had eaten, had not eaten, slept, or not slept...just anything about that time so when you do see the doctor or a specialist, once they give you a diagnosis, then it may help them, to help you, know what is bringing on the onset of your issues. As it is not cancer, YEAH!!! That is awesome news, so now that cancer is removed from your list, you now know, that no decision needs to be made without getting at least a second or even 3rd opinion from the best in the field for that condition. If it means you need to travel to another state- PLEASE do so, as sadly I can explain the negative results that can happen. You only have one brain, if you choose a wrong doctor or they can not recognize when something has gone wrong, you will not get to hit rewind and make a different choice if you go with a wrong surgeon. Look at it like this, if something does go wrong, you would need to go to one of those specialty areas anyway, so go to them in the beginning to give you the best possible outcome. Sometimes new or unusual things come up and local doctors, though well meaning, just may not have had enough experience, diagnosing or treating that condition. I can ALMOST laugh, as I remember a person deciding where she was going to have her brain surgery so that her friends and family would still easily be able to visit her as she recovered, or the person who was choosing their doctor by how much of the hair they would remove. I say almost because it also leaves a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach as you will want the best possible advice and the best possible surgery if needed, and a doctor that will help your body have the best possible life going forward. I do not even look at bed side manner any more, who cares, if they will be the one that can help you get the best possible chance of survival and hopefully many more years of quality life. Hoping you are able to get some answers in the coming weeks and months So happy you were cleared of it being cancer! Pam

by cfidl 31 Dec 2015

Wow! That sounds too serious to wait a month! You would be right to find out as much as you can. I am so glad you had time with the children today. Prayers for your good health!

by lbrow 31 Dec 2015

My goodness, not a good place for Santa to visit. Sounds like you have been, and are going through rough times. Glad you had a Christmas with your kids and now you are on my prayer list. Hoping and praying New Year will be a great one for you/Lillian

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Dec 2015

You know that is really no way to spend Christmas. I am so sorry your Holidays took a not so good turn. I am hoping for good results in 2016

by toogie 30 Dec 2015

MD Anderson in Huston, Texas is where a lot of people go, so they seem up to date on medical procedures. They have helped so many people and I feel sure they can help you. Sorry your 'Christmas' was not the 25th but glad you had your family today and still got to enjoy. Keep us posted.-Toogie

by graceandham 30 Dec 2015

Wow - life changes! MD Anderson is great and should give you excellent care. Praying that it is non-cancerous and easily dealt with!

by barba 30 Dec 2015

Prayers for a healthy 2016 and beyond. Hugs, Barba

by noah 30 Dec 2015

oh Boy i will pray for you hugs

by rescuer Moderator 30 Dec 2015

I hope they are able to correct the problem soon. That is scary! I am so glad your family decided to have Christmas a little late this year.

by mranderson 30 Dec 2015

What a day!!!!!!!!!! One you will not forget for quite a while. Hope everything works out for you. Glad you had a chance to celebrate with family. Have a Happy New Year. Hugs Marg.

by maleah 30 Dec 2015

Prayers for a speedy recovery for you

by dragonflyer 30 Dec 2015

Oh my...such an ordeal...I hope that you have a speedy and full recovery...Happy New Year...