by chenille 26 Dec 2015

Just a short note to say I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and to wish everyone a very happy & healthy New Year!!

I have been very busy and have not been here much lately. I was in need of a new oven ( wanted it before Christmas..:-) ) and my husband & I had to go to a larger center to find one that would fit my existing cabinetry. It seems that they keep making things bigger these days and we did not want to have to replace all the cabinetry just for the new oven...way too costly! I found what I wanted and we had it shipped and installed before Christmas!! YAY! It is a dream oven with lots of extras ( like a setting for the perfect turkey!! ...and yes it was and done in half the time too! ). It was a bit of a learning curve but a fun one.
Hugs & belated Merry Christmas!!


by sdrise 27 Dec 2015

I m glad you got your oven must be neat to cook in half the time. Enjoy!!!

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chenille by chenille 27 Dec 2015

Thank you! It is wonderful!

by 02kar Moderator 27 Dec 2015

Congrats on the new oven. I'm glad you were able to find one that fits into your existing space. I got a new stove and I love my bigger oven. I haven't tried the Convection oven yet.

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chenille by chenille 27 Dec 2015

Thanks. It seems that manufacturers keep making things bigger. My oven isn't as wide as I would like (because of the self clean feature) but it makes up for that in that it is taller with more racks. Some of my older sheet pans are too large but it is not a great hardship as I can now bake on 3 levels at the same time and do not have to shift the pans at all! The convection feature is AWESOME!! Do try the convection feature. You will be amazed .
Hugs, Nadyne

by Leaha 26 Dec 2015

Merry Christmas with a new oven every think had to be really special.

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chenille by chenille 27 Dec 2015

Thank you! Hope yours was as special!
Hugs, Nadyne

by cfidl 26 Dec 2015

I need a new oven. I guess I need to research and find out all these new features that are available. Is that a convection oven? Nice to hear from you! Best wishes throughout 2016!

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chenille by chenille 27 Dec 2015

Thank you and back at you!
My oven is a convection as well as regular, I think that is standard in convection types. Mine is an Electrolux brand. Check it out on line if you are looking.
Hugs, Nadyne

by dragonflyer 26 Dec 2015

Great news, Nadyne...hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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chenille by chenille 27 Dec 2015

Yes thank you. I hope yours was great too!

by greysewist Moderator 26 Dec 2015

It sounds perfect, Nadyne. I'm often shocked by the way people change all of their whitegoods etc when they are doing their kitchens, just because things don't 'fit'. It seems a huge waste, to me (maybe they just have more money to waste than I do!).

graceandham by graceandham 26 Dec 2015

In USA we have been "sold" by the home renovation shows that everything needs to be torn out and all redone fresh. So silly. I would like to tear out all my cabinets, as they are not very deep, but then I think, hey, how many more years am I even going to be living in this home? Nadyne, we had a terrible time getting the right width refrigerator - by 1/4 inch! I imagined myself shoving it into the cabinets any way!

chenille by chenille 27 Dec 2015

Yes this is exactly the case! The appliance person told us not to replace our fridge if it was still working (it is thank goodness ). She said that the new ones don't last as long and of course there is the size thing!!! Sheesh! Do they think that people are made of money??