by Shisha 23 Dec 2015

After the quilting and embroidered things I made for a girl starting over, an embroidered quilt for my best friends b-day and a large baby package for a special couples 1st baby, I haven't had a lot of time for xmas things this year. However, I did get a few things finished and this is what i did. The first two I made for my mom who is in assisted living. The towel set was suppose to be a housewarming gift for a cousin but I think it ended up being more of a xmas gift than a housewarming gift. And the snowballs were for a wonderful extended family that are already having a blast with them! Thanks for looking and a Very Merry Christmas to All and wishing you all the best for the New Year!!!


by sewdeb 03 Jan 2016

Quite a wonderful collection of gifts! You've been busy! Hard for me to pick a favorite!

by jenne 03 Jan 2016

I love your stipple quilting looks great, u did such a nice job on your snowmen too.

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Shisha by Shisha 03 Jan 2016

Thank you.

by deegee 03 Jan 2016

Oh wow, you have done a really great job on all of these. The quilted pointsettia is amazing.

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Shisha by Shisha 03 Jan 2016


by bejoscha 02 Jan 2016

Great projects, all are so beautiful gifts. Well done

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Shisha by Shisha 03 Jan 2016

Thank you. The recipients loved them.

by noah 31 Dec 2015

did you do the quilting yourself on the runner i love it??hugs

Shisha by Shisha 01 Jan 2016

Yes, I did the quilting. Now that we are back in Canada again, I will be doing all the quilting - unless I am unable to do it due to health issues.

noah by noah 02 Jan 2016

ok what province are you??i am ontario hugs

Shisha by Shisha 03 Jan 2016

I just sent you a private message.

Shisha by Shisha 03 Jan 2016

I'm from BC.

by maggiecal 31 Dec 2015

Wow - these are all beautiful!!

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Shisha by Shisha 01 Jan 2016

Thank you.

by sandralane 30 Dec 2015

Great work on all projects, well done. Sandra.

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Shisha by Shisha 01 Jan 2016

Thank you!

by Shisha 24 Dec 2015

Thank you everyone for your kind comments! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here's hoping that 2016 brings peace, health and happiness to all!

Hope Santa is good to each and everyone of you! Ho! Ho! Ho!

by lulu07 23 Dec 2015

Busy lady, the snowballs made me smile.

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Shisha by Shisha 01 Jan 2016

The family that got the snowballs were thrilled!

by fayebusby 23 Dec 2015

I love the bird and snowballs.great job

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Shisha by Shisha 01 Jan 2016

Thx. Both were appreciated by the recipients and that makes it all worth while!

by Smokey12 23 Dec 2015

All of your design are beautiful. Your table runner is stunning. I admire those that can make that pattern. Great work.

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Shisha by Shisha 01 Jan 2016

Thank you. The table runner is actually a very easy pattern to make.

by noah 23 Dec 2015

love your sewing and sew will they hugs

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Shisha by Shisha 01 Jan 2016

Thanks and they did love them!

by noah 23 Dec 2015

All zeros girls please water the flowers ok??

softhearted1 by softhearted1 27 Dec 2015

I may not post much but I always take the time to scroll down the page and water the flowers :)

Shisha by Shisha 01 Jan 2016

Thanks Noah! xo

by brendalea 23 Dec 2015

Very lovely gifts. Thank you for sharing.
Merry Christmas & Happy Stitching

by sonjapotgieter 23 Dec 2015

Busy Lady you have been!!!Gorgeous work....

by pennyhal2 23 Dec 2015

I like all the different faces you put on the snowballs! The table mat is fabulous! Did you do the stippling before you stitched the poinsettia on?

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Shisha by Shisha 24 Dec 2015

Thanks. I did the stippling after I stitched out the poinsettia.

by softhearted1 23 Dec 2015

I can see that someone has spent a lot of time in their sewing room. All yoir projects aee beautifully done~Charlotte

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Shisha by Shisha 24 Dec 2015

Thank you!

by katydid 23 Dec 2015

Busy, busy lady! Great work. Kay

by jeanfoz 23 Dec 2015

Very nice, Jean xx

by dailylaundry 23 Dec 2015

Wow, lots of great projects!!! Very very nice work!

by arlene 23 Dec 2015

Everything is beautiful.

by carolpountney 23 Dec 2015

Very nice especially the table runner with the pointsettia

by pldc 23 Dec 2015

wonderful projects!~hugs~

by lbrow 23 Dec 2015

It all looks marvelous. A busy little beaver you have been/Lillian

by dragonflyer 23 Dec 2015

You have been a busy bee...they are all fantastic and I am sure they will be so much appreciated...

by baydreamer 23 Dec 2015

You have been busy! Everyone is going to be very happy!

by spendlove Moderator 23 Dec 2015

All are fab!

by justsew 23 Dec 2015

stunning work . love the table runner,
Hugs pam

by pennifold 23 Dec 2015

Wonderful Shisha, you've done very well with everything. Merry Christmas to you and yours too. Love Chris

by ethan 23 Dec 2015

Dear Shisha, These are just fantastic. I do hope you and yours have a great Christmas. G

by draco 23 Dec 2015

You sure have been busy. The lucky recipients. They are outstanding. Well done, they are beautiful ! Hugs.

by vickiannette 23 Dec 2015

your gifts are very nice and hopefully will be appreciated. Because we don't have snow where I live in South Australia, I am assuming you have an "indoor" game of SnowBall throwing. How does it work? Are there teams and if you get 'hit', you're out? Anyway, they look fabulous. Merry Christmas to you.

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ethan by ethan 23 Dec 2015

I think they just have snowball fights, throwing the snowballs back and forth as fast as they can. I made some for family last year and both children and adults had a lot of fun. G