by Trish56 23 Nov 2015

A little while one of the cuties showed a roll up bag she had made for her friend, I was inspired by them , thought "What a great idea " so I googled her link, and found out how to make them, I had a lot of calico bags that I had bought for I don't know why ! and bought the Kam snaps from eBay, and away I went, VERY easy to make, and sew handy, one for the glove box, one for the handbag, one for the pockets behind the drivers seat of the car, the there are my 2 daughters, they needed some too,

Carnt remember the Cutie that inspired me on these, but thanks soo much they are great. Hugs to all and thanks for looking. Trish


by toogie 25 Nov 2015

I have the horse fabric, but I really like the red and green, I think ladybugs! Great job and I put the link for the Cutie. I too would like to try this, just haven't had time. I hope mine looks as good, as you both have done.-Toogie

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Trish56 by Trish56 25 Nov 2015

Oh Thank you for finding the cutie, I have been looking for the link and couldn't find her, I wanted to give her the credit many thanks . Trish

by sllakin 24 Nov 2015

I love these! i have made the ones that look like strawberries but like these better. Sure hope someone can find the link on how to make these as I need bags to take with me! I am still looking through old post here to try to find original post - so far no luck. Love the two snap idea!

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Trish56 by Trish56 24 Nov 2015

I have been searching the old posts too, so I can link it to the cutie that had inspired me to make these, she had made some for a friend that liked music, I am going to find her, and try to link the project, that's if I can be that clever and work out how.... enjoy making these Sarah, hope to see yours posted . Trish

by lbrow 24 Nov 2015

A very neat idea to keep things neat/Lillian

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Trish56 by Trish56 24 Nov 2015

thanks for your comments and dropping by, Trish

by 02kar Moderator 24 Nov 2015

Very pretty and everyone will get lots of compliments on these bags.

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Trish56 by Trish56 24 Nov 2015

yes thanks for your comments

by marianb 24 Nov 2015


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Trish56 by Trish56 24 Nov 2015

thank you

by katydid 23 Nov 2015

Clever and you did a great job!!

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Trish56 by Trish56 23 Nov 2015

thank you, very handy indeed. Hugs Trish

by cfidl 23 Nov 2015

Excellent, I think I need to make a couple myself for gifts.

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Trish56 by Trish56 23 Nov 2015

Oh do make some, eazi peezi to make, if you don't already have the calico bags you can make your own ! the pouch on the front is 9"x 8 " and I used a CD to round the corners. thanks for your comments. Trish

by laffma1 23 Nov 2015

So useful and so pretty. They make great gifts and are quick to stitch up. Nicely done.

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Trish56 by Trish56 23 Nov 2015

very quick to stitch up, the front bit is a pocket when opened up ! thanks for your comments. Trish

by sandralane 23 Nov 2015

Very nice bags, love the material. Sandra.

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Trish56 by Trish56 23 Nov 2015

thanks for stopping by, the piece on the front is a pocket when it opens up ! hugs. Trish

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Nov 2015

Sounds as if everyone is getting one and you are in full production. Great idea and very useful. They have so many uses, what are you using them for?

Trish56 by Trish56 23 Nov 2015

thanks for stopping by, Mine will be handy for when I go to the shops, keep forgetting to take a bag with me whenever I go for one item and come out with 6 ! so having one in my handbag will be handy, going to the markets will be handy as well, you know when your only going for a look and then come away with arm full of goodies.... Handy, handy, my daughter reads a lot so will be handy when she goes to the library. Hugs . Trish

crafter2243 by crafter2243 23 Nov 2015

Very good uses. I know about forgetting bags when I go to the grocery store, Ha,ha.