by annafaye 23 Nov 2015

Can someone please help me? I am looking for a design saying Baby's First Christmas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and Hugs!


by airyfairy 28 Nov 2015

I hope that you have managed to get what you were looking for. Many Cuties have gone out of their way to help you. Please let us know if you found what you were looking for.

by tlp22 26 Nov 2015

There are many places. FTNOA = from the needle of Anne. Sonia Showalter designs. Embroidery library. these are a few.

by tilde01 26 Nov 2015

entire set of Baby's first at Designs by Sick and only $1.50 now.

by roberta 26 Nov 2015

you know if you have Monogram Wizard or Monogram Wizard Plus you can format the words yourself. That's what I do. And you can add a design you have of a boy or girl. Roberta

by pennifold 23 Nov 2015

Hi Anna, we had this question a few months ago. I've added the post for you. Love Chris

by ctirish 23 Nov 2015

Here are the places where I have gotten 1st Christmas designs... there in alpha order. Good luck
Five Star Fonts
Hatched in Africa
Julia's Needle Designs
Needle Passion Embroidery
Oma's Place
Planet Applique
Sew Terrific
Sonia Showalter

ctirish by ctirish 23 Nov 2015

Sweet Heirloom has some where you can add a photo of the baby.

ctirish by ctirish edited 23 Nov 2015

Designs by Juju has a pack but I think you buy one design now. I also found one at Ladder Hill designs - it is more pretty than cute. it has the wording with a couple of snowflakes..they also have appliqué ones.

by toogie 23 Nov 2015

Charming station has some . Look on the left column/list until you get to Free Designs. Click on Free designs, scroll down to babies 1st Christmas with babies. Has a whole page of designs.-Toogie

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ctirish by ctirish 23 Nov 2015

Thank you, another place to add to my list. When you have a big family..they get touchy about having the same design. I guess it means they liked them...

by bevintex 23 Nov 2015

someone asked this just recently but I don't recall who it was, maybe someone remembers and can help