by mysew1325 20 Nov 2015

SunFlower hot pads.. these designs are from Embroidery Library and these are finished off at 8 x 8.. I used this fun trim because i thought they looked like the seeds, but maybe not..


by aleene 22 Nov 2015

Really cute

by katydid 21 Nov 2015

Nice job!

by vickiannette 21 Nov 2015

really lovely. I call these "pot-holders" because I live in Australia. I love nice pot-holders which protect the hands properly, and yes, they get messy but this only gives us another excuse to embroider more!

by pldc 21 Nov 2015

very nicely done, & the border is perfect! ~hugs~

by brendalea 21 Nov 2015

Nice job, my girl friend would love these. Hope you do not mind, if I copy your fabric & design combo. Thank you for sharing & the idea.
Happy Stitching!!

by noah 21 Nov 2015

Nice job on the pair hugs

by peafarm 21 Nov 2015

How nice they look. I, too, have this design pack but no, have not stitched a one of them. I think I collect more than sew. It inspires me though and nice to see them stitched out.

by pennyhal2 21 Nov 2015

The fabric does look like seeds to me, and it goes perfectly with the colors in the sunflowers. Love the sunflowers! You did a fantastic job on the stitchout.

by sonjapotgieter 21 Nov 2015

Gorgeous...Well done

by highlandermom 21 Nov 2015

Very lovely like a picture in a frame. I like your fun trim. That is what I would do with these hang in kitchen for looking at and use my old wore out looking ones for grabbing stuff.

by basketkase 21 Nov 2015

Oh, these are so pretty......great all the colors and edging fabric....

by dragonflyer 21 Nov 2015

Lovely...but I agree with other Cuties...too pretty to use as hot pads...

by lilylady 21 Nov 2015

How cute are these, love them!

by lidiad 21 Nov 2015

Wow, love them, they are so beautiful!
Hugs, Lidia

by carolpountney 21 Nov 2015

Very nice

by spendlove Moderator 21 Nov 2015

Lovely work! Far too nice to use though.

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Nov 2015

I love sunflowers and yours are looking real good. Too pretty to put something on it.

by shirley124 20 Nov 2015

I love these. Well done. Hugs

by sandralane 20 Nov 2015

You have done a great job with the design, to nice to use as hot pads. Great choice of material for the trim, yes it does look a little like seeds. Sandra.

by bowlds 20 Nov 2015

Very professional looking, I love those designs this way.

by cj2sew 20 Nov 2015

Oh I never would use these as hot pads they are just to pretty to get dirty. Beautiful work.

by laffma1 20 Nov 2015

These are beauriful, sinple and elegant at the same time. Well done.

by shuede 20 Nov 2015

Well done!