by grobin 14 Nov 2015

Hello Cuties,

These are a variety of bookmarks I made for my grand children. They enjoy reading and also reading what's stitched on the bookmarks. These will be stocking stuffers.

Thanks for looking


by grobin 17 Nov 2015

Thanks for all your comments.
I was ask where to find owls. The owl with graduation hat was free, can't remember where and I don't always list the site, sorry. However, I purchased owl bookmarks from Designbysick. All of their owls are very pretty. The dance design from Embroidery Library. The hearts and smiley face were free. The Kolter bookmark was a cougar paw that I had from years before and I substituted it for the o in rock .

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sewntrouble by sewntrouble 17 Nov 2015

Thank you so much for answering my question about where to find the owl bookmarks. Going now to check out Designsbysick

by sjbrower 17 Nov 2015

These are awesome! I love to hear about kids that love to read.

by mechille 17 Nov 2015

Wow.... My Daughter would love these also. She is a big book reader. The ladies at the local library know her my name and always comment on how they can't believe a teenager loves to read as much as she does. She get's 10 books at a time and is always finished within a few days.... hehee She loves bookmarks also. I know your Grandchildren will love them also, Thanks for sharing. Mechille :)

by sewntrouble 15 Nov 2015

I love the bookmarks with the owls! Can you let me know where you found those designs. Thanks

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grobin by grobin 17 Nov 2015

See my comment regarding the designs-owls.

by zoefzoef 15 Nov 2015

they will love them !

by pennyhal2 15 Nov 2015

A great collection of designs! I can see where you tried make them special for your grandchildren. Great work!

by sonjapotgieter 15 Nov 2015

Gorgeous!!!Well done

by deegee 15 Nov 2015

Great work. They are all beautiful. Hope the kids love them.

by sandralane 15 Nov 2015

All the designs are terrific, well embroidered. Kids do just love these, have made many from felt. Sandra.

by lbrow edited 14 Nov 2015

With a daughter that is a Librarian and a Grand daughter who is one, my thought is you can never have too many bookmarks. These are outstanding/Lillian

by graceandham 14 Nov 2015

You've been a busy girl! Love the one that says Reading is a discount ticket.

by lidiad 14 Nov 2015

They will love them! I do.
Hugs, Lidia

by dragonflyer 14 Nov 2015

Love to hear about kids reading books...they will love these...well done!

by Ossineu 14 Nov 2015

All of them are great. . My favorites are the bookmarks with the owls.

by pldc 14 Nov 2015

Well done, ~hugs~

by teun 14 Nov 2015

Sehn alle ganz toll aus

by lucy12345 14 Nov 2015

Well done

by carolpountney 14 Nov 2015

Very nice

by highlandermom 14 Nov 2015

Love hearing of kids reading. These are great looking and they are sure to love them.

by devon 14 Nov 2015

Great idea and great work.

by noah 14 Nov 2015

They will love them well done:):)

by 02kar Moderator 14 Nov 2015

What a great idea for stocking stuffers. Well done