by haleymax 13 Nov 2015

I need help. My great granddaughter will be born in Feb 2016. They want me to embroider her initials on a dress for her to come home in. The dress is a knit material and where the initials will go is ribbed. It is 2 3/4 " from neck to waist and the rest is like a waffle weave. How tall should the letters be? Is there a font that you like for baby wear? I tried to upload a picture but it was too big.


by lbrow 14 Nov 2015

You have received excellent advice. Test I think would be essential . Small letters are best for babies/Lillian

by cfidl 13 Nov 2015

Congratulations! As I have not done much of this size I can't comment, I just wanted to say how wonderful your news is.

by sandralane 13 Nov 2015

Babash's and graceandham, certainly are on the right track. In my opionion their sizing is good, you don't want to overwhelm the garment. Test run is a good idea to get exactly what you want. Sandra.

by graceandham 13 Nov 2015

I like Babash's idea. In general,my opinion, I don't go over 1" for a baby 0-1 year to wear. And 1.5" for 2-3 and maybe 4 year old. You don't want to overwhelm them!

by babash 13 Nov 2015

What I would do is do a couple of tests on fabric the size you think might be right. Cut close to the lettering and lay it on the dress to see what you think.

by embquilt 13 Nov 2015

I embroidered on a ribbed Henley for my nephew - a size 3t and the embroidery looked good on it. I used polymesh in the hoop and wss on top and after ironed soft cloud. I wouldn't put very large lettering on it. I like the ones that have a large initial and the others super imposed on it