by anitas1403 27 Oct 2015

These are some of the towels also for the sale. Now sure where the horn of plenty was from but music is from Desisgnsbysick and was a fsl barrett enlarged a few times.


by lidiad 28 Oct 2015

Great looking designs, Anita!
Hugs, Lidia

by sandralane 28 Oct 2015

Great designs, well done. Sandra.

by tlp22 27 Oct 2015

Well done.

by kezza2sew 27 Oct 2015

Both turned out lovely, not sure if I would be game to put such a large design on a towel...but it looks many stitches in that autumn one?

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anitas1403 by anitas1403 29 Oct 2015

Lots of them.... The notes are not as large as they look here...In order to show this I had to crop the pic & that made things look bigger 'cuz it pulled it closer....

by pennifold 27 Oct 2015

Well done, they both look fabulous. Love Chris

by Niacea 27 Oct 2015

That's cute, I digitized this same musical notes pictures for a embroidery project that i'm working on. I guess I'm not the only one who liked the picture :)

Great work!

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anitas1403 by anitas1403 27 Oct 2015

Thanks. As a Sweet Adeline & organist, I always try to have something w/music

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Oct 2015

Very well done. Lots of color changes with the "Horn of Plenty" but the result is awesome. I also like the simplicity of the notes.

by mechille 27 Oct 2015

Really cute designs. I have the music design, but haven't done anything with it yet.... this is a good idea. I also really like the cornatopia, I know it took a lot of work. Thanks for sharing. Mechille :)

by sonjapotgieter 27 Oct 2015

So Stunning!!!

by pennyhal2 27 Oct 2015

That's a nice design for a towel as it gives such great coverage. That's a lot of thread changes for the horn, but well worth it! Good work!

by basketkase 27 Oct 2015

Beautiful autumn design and love the music notes too......

by sjbrower 27 Oct 2015

very nice!

by 02kar Moderator 27 Oct 2015

You did a great job on these towels.

by connerj 27 Oct 2015

Your horn of plenty is gorgeous - lots of colors - well done. The music notes are great too :)

by pldc 27 Oct 2015

well done!~hugs~

by lbrow 27 Oct 2015

Ahh music is always one of my fave designs. Horn of Plenty looks great also/Lillian

by noah 27 Oct 2015

Love them both these should sale well hugs