by embquilt 25 Oct 2015

Hello, seeking advice on how best to embroider on a thin, very stretchy scarf. I've embroidered on knits with success but this is way stretchier? Ball point needle? Wss on top n bottom? Was going to do one letter preferably around 3". Satin or fill stitch?

Wimpy Lee


by pennyhal2 26 Oct 2015

You have some good advice already. You also want to be sure to not use a dense design. I once used a satin stitch designs that iterally cut the design out of the fabric.

by baydreamer 25 Oct 2015

Interesting way to firm up a fabric!

embquilt by embquilt 25 Oct 2015

Hmmm I don't have plain gelatin BUT I do have Terisl Magic...the wheels are turning.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 25 Oct 2015

Interresting article. I stiffen up fabric by dissolving left over little pieces of WSS in water instead of Gelatin. Never have done it on delicate material as this one.

by baydreamer 25 Oct 2015

Embroidery Library tip!

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embquilt by embquilt 25 Oct 2015

Going to investigate these two links.

When my Toesies feel better I will try them out and report back!

by pennifold 25 Oct 2015

Hi Lee, I think you've got the right idea. I'd place two pieces of tear away on the back and two pieces of WSS on the top. I'd also use my FIX stitch to make sure the scarf doesn't move whilst being embroidered. I would use the 4x4 hoop to further ensure the scarf is securely in position. I would use the finest lowest number needle for sewing on sheer fabric. E.g. an 8 or a 10 sharp - the finer the needle the less damage going through the fine fabric. Good luck with it all, love Chris

Barbaric by Barbaric 25 Oct 2015

I recently went to an embroidery day and they sprayed the chiffon fabric with hair lacquer to stiffen it and added 2 pieces of tissue paper when hooping to stop hoop burn. You have to remove the center of the tissue paper. DO NOT STITCH OVER IT.

embquilt by embquilt 25 Oct 2015

Oh the tissue paper wraps the hoop? Is hair lacquer the same as hair spray?

Barbaric by Barbaric 25 Oct 2015

Hoop the tissue paper the same way you would any stabilizer and remove the center. There is a difference
between hair spray and the lacquer and it doesn't matter what brand you use.

Barbaric by Barbaric 25 Oct 2015

Another method of stiffening fabric is to place all your little pieces of washaway stabilizer into a jar and add a little bit of water and dettol. (it needs to be on the gluggy side) Paint it on or dip it depending how much mixture you have.