by embquilt 21 Oct 2015

More to whine about - my antibiotics to help with the infection after my foot surgery has given me an allergic reaction. Spent the last day in a half tossing the cookies and battling it on the other end.

Yes, I remind the doctor of the 3 antibiotics that always make me sick. The one he gave me has a bit of the ones I get a reaction to who.

I called my hubby from a fetal position on the bathroom floor. He rushed home and called the pharmacist who said to stop taking it. It took 3 doses of anti nausea to calm my issues. Going to see the surgeon again tomorrow.

Thanks again, for listening


by grossfamilie 29 Oct 2015

Oh, dear Lee, get well soon! But I hope you and the doctors now
overcame the antibiotic problem and now you are going to recover.
Hugs - Maria

by pennifold 29 Oct 2015

I do hope you get better really soon Lee and that you feel 100% as fast as possible. Love Chris

by embquilt 28 Oct 2015

Update feet are doing much better. All three surgical sites are healing nicely and everyday I feel less and less pain. I still can't do very much or they throb but at least it is bearable now.

Thank you for your prayers

cfidl by cfidl 28 Oct 2015

Wow, you have been through the wringer with this. Prayers your recovery is quick and complete.

jrob by jrob 29 Oct 2015

I'm so glad for you that you are having improvement. Maybe the worst is over and you are on the road to total recovery.

by embquilt 23 Oct 2015

My doctor forgot to send the pharmacy my new antibiotics and my pain med yesterday. I've called him three times today because they keep saying they sent it but it's not at the pharmacy. 😢

by basketkase 23 Oct 2015

Oh, Lee, I feel for you........I have the same reaction to most antibiotics.....I have to be so careful not to get an infection, due to the fact that I can't take most of the antibiotics.......hope you are fit as can be soon!

by haleymax 23 Oct 2015

Bless you. I know the reaction you have had. When it happened to me, I too had to call my husband home to take care of me. I do hope that you are better.

by embquilt 22 Oct 2015

Hello again! Everything just hurts to move. Going to see the doctor - my doctor in a couple of hours. On Monday, I saw his son who works in the same office. He was a jerk to me. He actually stepped out to research the antibiotic and came back in to say it was safe. I'm definitely going to do what several of you have suggested and check with the pharmacies before hand from now on.

I'm lucky that my husband was able to leave work immediately to come care for me and has worked from home today.

Hope all is well with you and your families,

by lbrow 22 Oct 2015

Oh Lee, I do sympathize with you. It's definitely no fun being in pain, laid up and sick as a dog/Lillian

by tlp22 21 Oct 2015

Always ask the pharmacists.Dr's and nurses mean well but just have no idea. They have too many patients. The last time I was in the hospital I had 3 bracelets with allergies on them. Antibiotics and pain meds give me all kinds of problems. Hope your feeling better.

by Leaha 21 Oct 2015

Hope you are better, getting ill isn't for the faint of hearts.

by katydid 21 Oct 2015

Over the years , I have meds that I could not tolerate, but never an allergic reaction. So sorry. Sometimes I think to ask the pharmacist on RX questions rather than the Doctor. Kay

by graceandham 21 Oct 2015

Bless your heart. This seems so unfair. Don't just tell the doctor, ask the pharmacist, too, before filling the prescription. My dear ear doctor who "raised me" and my bad ears ordered an antibiotic that was penicillin-based for his grandson who was allergic to penicillin and the doctor/grandfather himself was allergic to it, too. The mother asked the pharmacist if it had any relationship to penicillin and requested grandpa to order something else! It's really hard for doctors to keep track of it all, but the pharmacists work every day with these drugs.

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embquilt by embquilt 22 Oct 2015

Wow. Doctor's have so much going on in their heads. I know I wouldn't want the responsibility.

by crafter2243 Moderator 21 Oct 2015

I am so sorry. How frustrating and mostly painful this must be. I pray that they find the right medicines to help you get over that infection.

by sdrise 21 Oct 2015

I feel so bad for you...Prayers are with you Hope they can find some antibiotic you can tolerate better.