by camylow 12 Oct 2015

I am looking for a quilt stitch of either a dinosaur , gecko, or turtle...if you happen to run across one please let me know. thank you


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by jofrog2000 edited 16 Oct 2015

Here are a few-frog and some lizards. There might be more on some of the other free pages.

by muflotex 13 Oct 2015

The link is an old post when I was looking for a turtle. Hope you find what you need.

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by basketkase edited 13 Oct 2015

I have a couple, if you are still looking.....make sure you scroll the the bottom of the link as dragonflies and dragons are both in this link....Sorry, I didn't read this well enough, I thought I saw dragon, not dinasaur...these won't help you.......good luck in your mission......

by lbrow 13 Oct 2015

Looked through all of mine but have nothing like that so unable to guide you in that direction. Perhaps one of digitizers on cute could do one for you. Martine(mops) comes to mind. She is very good at large designs and you are just wanting a quilting stitch right? Good luck /Lillian

by pennyhal2 12 Oct 2015

Search Embroidery Library. I've gotten a few there.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 12 Oct 2015

Also a freebie at