by spendlove 01 Oct 2015

Zips are nothing to be afraid of!

This purse is as simple as simple can be to make and comes with extremely detailed instructions. It has no frills and furbelows and can be made with the same thread throughout. It is still lined with no raw edges inside.
So, those of you who have never tried an ITH project with a zip, run across to Yoriko's site right now and get this design and try it for yourself.
Please share the results with us here.


by katydid 01 Oct 2015

I tried to download your freebie was no successful. I was totally lost. Sorry , I wanted to try your cute purse.

by jofrog2000 01 Oct 2015

Thank you so much! I've just started new meds for my RA, and hope to get back to my machine, which has been patiently waiting for me to feel good enough to use her.

by peafarm 01 Oct 2015

Thank you so much Sue--I downloaded last night and told 2 of my friends to go to mygardened to get theirs. Will begin to try this as soon as I get outside work done--cold weather looming and coming in fast.

by jrob Moderator 01 Oct 2015

That's very kind of you. I'm sure lots of Cuties will have to try this.

by sonjapotgieter 01 Oct 2015

It is so Beautiful!!!Will for sure try it tomorrow...Thank you so much for allowing us ,to have it for Free!!!!!

by pldc 01 Oct 2015

Sue thank you for your kindness & skill set. It is pretty & practical ~hugs~

by Ossineu 01 Oct 2015

Thanks for the hint. I've never ith embroidered with a zipper and will try it now .

by airyfairy 01 Oct 2015

Sue, I remember the first zip project I did. It was your pencil case. When the needle reached the end of the zip, I closed my eyes as I did not want to see my needle break. Of course everything was fine.

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spendlove by spendlove 01 Oct 2015

This one is much easier - it is a different method.

by connerj 01 Oct 2015

I just got the free design and found there are some little girl purse designs on sale for only two dollars, so I pick up a cute one. I have a piece of material I bought just because it was on sale that will work wonderfully. Thanks :)

by noah 01 Oct 2015

I will get to trying this soon i hope lol hugs and thanks

by dailylaundry 01 Oct 2015

My "thank you" to you and especially Yoriko for this design! Once you do an ITH design - you are hooked!! Hugs, Laura*

by bielie 01 Oct 2015

Many thanks for sharing your lovely purse design. Can't wait to sew one for myself.

by tfk 01 Oct 2015

Thanks a lot Sue :)
You are so sweet to have made this ....specially for all beginners or those who are afraid to try ITH projects!
I got mine too...will give it a try :)

by dragonflyer 01 Oct 2015

Very your colors!

by sjbrower 01 Oct 2015

This is a cute and useful design. I love the striking color contrast that you've stitched, but would be cute done in a special fabric as well. Thank you for sharing your work!

by lilylady 01 Oct 2015

As always, Thank You! I love all your projects!

by jeano63 01 Oct 2015

Thank you! I look forward to trying this. I am in the middle of an extended moving process that seems endless right now. But when I get in my new place and get things set up, I really want to try this. It is so pretty.

by pennifold 01 Oct 2015

Well done Sue and it's such an easy project to do. Thank you so much and I can't wait to try it. I've downloaded it from Yoriko's site. Love Chris

by greysewist Moderator 01 Oct 2015

The contrast looks fantastic, Sue. I really like the stitch used as well.

by elemausi 01 Oct 2015

Thank you Sue and Yoriko for this nice free project.My machine is away to the inspection, so I cant show the next time the finished project

by marfa 01 Oct 2015

Lovely color combinatsion. Well done, Sue!