by bielie 28 Sep 2015

Very good information about marking your sewing or quilts, and pens that are not safe to use on fabric. Hope the link works.


by sandralane 29 Sep 2015

Thank you for sharing this link with us. Sandra.

by marianb 29 Sep 2015

thank you for letting us know..

by pennyhal2 28 Sep 2015

That is a wonderful link with great info. Thanks for posting!

by jrob Moderator 28 Sep 2015

Thanks for the reminder. When this first came out I started to go grab some- how awesome that the marks just steamed out! Quilters were ecstatic. I immediately started seeing the information that the marks would return as it became cold, so I never bought any. They would be great if I could get my DH to use them in the pockets of his dress shirts.

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Sep 2015

Good article.My daughter bought them for me and I thought it was awesome how the markings disappear. I will be very careful where I use them now.

by carolpountney 28 Sep 2015

Thank you this is very interesting. Dont use the pens but will be careful if the need arises