by queenofhearts ( edited 21 Sep 2015 ) 21 Sep 2015

Three more Christmas gifts completed. The top one is "the blue line" which honors law enforcement members and is for my grandson who is a police officer. The other two are for a cat lover and a beer lover.

If you want to learn more about the meaning of the thin blue line and the history of the emblem you can go to Wikepedia. I had a link here but it didn't work so I removed it.


by mrskiki 28 Sep 2015

Where did you find the police one? I would love for my friend's husband and son in law. They are all adorable. Hugs. Nan W

by bemara 22 Sep 2015

Your fobs are really cute, i am a big cat-lover and want to make a fob for me, wher is the design from? Hugs Maria

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 23 Sep 2015

I sent you a PM

bemara by bemara 23 Sep 2015

Thanks for the information !

by peafarm 22 Sep 2015

Love them all.

by petdenhan 22 Sep 2015

They are all

by justsew 22 Sep 2015

Ha ha , I love the bottom one. great work .
Hugs Pam.

by anitapatch 21 Sep 2015

Love all three you have done

by katydid 21 Sep 2015

Great job!!!!

by jrob Moderator 21 Sep 2015

What a great job you have done. The beer one looks like real cork! Good job on that.

by laffma1 21 Sep 2015

Your fobs are really cute. The beer fob is very timely, with Oktoberfest events coming up soon. Nicely done.

by bevintex 21 Sep 2015

I keep finding just 1 more I must have . These are very nice

by pennifold 21 Sep 2015

They are fabulous, love Chris

by lbrow 21 Sep 2015

Nice! Especially like your Blue line/Lillian

by tlp22 21 Sep 2015

Nice! you did a great job trimming. Wish I had one of those tab putter inners LOL!

by pldc 21 Sep 2015

well done, ~hugs~

by noah 21 Sep 2015

excellent job hugs

by connerj 21 Sep 2015

They are all so cute and will be appreciated along with being useful.
Great colors and materials. :)

by sonjapotgieter 21 Sep 2015

Great work done!!They Awesome....

by pennyhal2 21 Sep 2015

These are really nicely done. I can't figure out what you stitched the beer one on. It looks so sparkly! Love 'em.

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queenofhearts by queenofhearts 21 Sep 2015

It is glitter marine vinyl, available from MiKri

by basketkase 21 Sep 2015

Love these......great job on all your Fobs........

by sjbrower 21 Sep 2015

Cute fobs.... These will make wonderful gifts.

by elemausi 21 Sep 2015

Nice work, love the cat.

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queenofhearts by queenofhearts 21 Sep 2015

My son's girlfriend has a black and white tuxedo cat named Butler, so I made this for her.