by barba 19 Sep 2015

I am interested in learning to digitize and am wondering what is the best program. I have the old 3D embroidery system, which is embroidery and digitizing, but am not sure I can get it to like windows 10. Also it probably does not have all that is available today in software. I did not do much with this program because of health issues with my late husband. I have been looking at Embird and have also received a notification that Viking has a new premier embroidery system but I am afraid it would be way too expensive. Are the programs similar and what is your recommendation. Is it really a lot better if it costs a lot more? Thank you for your help. Hugs, Barba


by rachap 20 Sep 2015

I am waiting to see if Viking makes a special offer to upgrade. I have 6D which I was able to upgrade from the 5D for very little $$$. Perhaps if you talk to the dealer you can work someting out upgrading from your 3D rather than switching brands--they like to keep you as a customer!!

barba by barba 20 Sep 2015

I never thought of that. I just figured it would be hundreds of dollars that I do not have right now. Thanks for the idea, Hugs, Barba

mops by mops 21 Sep 2015

3D can't be run on Windows 8.1, I think Vista is the latest that works.
I am quite sure you can't update from 3D as it could not be done from 3D to 5D.
Upgrading from 5D to 6D cost me €1000 (I have the pro versions) and I am afraid upgrading to the new PremierPlus will not be cheap either.

barba by barba 21 Sep 2015

Thank you. What is that in US dollars? Probably wicked expensive. Hugs, Barba

mops by mops 23 Sep 2015

at the moment €1=$1.18

by mops Moderator 20 Sep 2015

I am an Embird fan. I have used Husqvarna software since 1998 and have upgraded from their Embroidery system 5 Pro up till 6D. And I use it for a great number of things, but I doubt whether I'll update again - it has cost me a fortune over the years. But for digitising I prefer Embird. It is easier.
All basic functions are more or less the same in most software programs, but some are easier to use than others. I find Embird a pleasure to work with and very easy to learn. There are lots of free tutorials on the Embird website. And a number of website offer tutorials to buy.
Some fill stitches are brand specific. I love one of the fill stitches Bernina offers, but it would be crazy to buy yet another program for a few extra's.
The Encore function in 6D and the auto-repeat in Embird give the same results. In 6D you can drag the resulting designs closer to each other, in Embird you need to adjust the gap by typing in the distance which is a bit slower, but E gives a greater choice in numbers of the repeat.

There are quite few members here using Embird to digitise, so you can always get advice when you have a specific question.

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barba by barba 20 Sep 2015

Thank you for all the good advice. Embird is also more in my price range now. I think Embird is the one I will go with. You are a wealth of information. Thanks with hugs, Barba

by katydid 19 Sep 2015

I am a Bernina girl. Which machines do you use and what does your dealer support as the free lessons are valuable. Kay

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barba by barba 20 Sep 2015

I have a Viking DS. It is quite old but only 200 hours on it. Bought it new but have not had much time to sew.Hugs, Barba

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Sep 2015

I have not learned how to digitize. I however have purchased Embird. I chose it because over the years here I heard nothing but good about it.I also liked the fact that one could add modules as one was ready for them. That is the best answer I can give you.

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barba by barba 20 Sep 2015

Thank you, That is my first thought also. Hugs, Barba.

by graceandham 19 Sep 2015

I use Floriani Total Control U. It's up there in the high dollar range. I don't believe you'll find a better program. Plus, once you buy it, all upgrades and updates are included forever. (I'm assuming at least till Walt Floriani is gone!). There is no dongle and no buying a new dongle. The upgrades in past four years have been phenomenol. Way over 100 beautiful fonts included, and I haven't counted in a while. There is excellent support, fabulous training materials - seminars, weekly lessons, etc. and 3-4 years of free beautifully digitized designs at the rate of 4-5 per month. The only down side and not a biggie is that there is a big learning curve, but take it at your own speed and with the help of all those good educational materials. Best decision I've made in my embroidering EVER.

You want to go to a Floriani event to buy it at a good discount, otherwise, you suffer FULL PRICE. Also, huge amounts of freebies at the event to give you a nice start. Best of luck.

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barba by barba 19 Sep 2015

Thank you. I have never heard of this program. I am in the middle of Maine and there are no events. There are very few sewing machine dealers up here. I will look online and definitely check it out. Again, Thank you with hugs, Barba