by sorval 13 Sep 2015

this is re born ofelia

she is a elve
she came this afternoon to me
hugs sonja


by sorval 14 Sep 2015

Tank hou alle ferry much
Hugo sonja

by lildoll2 13 Sep 2015

just love your dolls, i have ''SEVERAL "" too. i used to make porcelain ones too, did it for over 15 years until the porcelain dust took over my lungs, had to give it up, took up embroidery , love it , but miss bringing my little ones to life. some people think i'm a little strange with all my babies at my young age off 72 all over my house. so glad to know their is other"STRANGE" people out there .. way too go mommie!!! doris

by katydid 13 Sep 2015

These baby dolls are so precious. Where do you put them all? I used to collect a bear series until I was over run with them. they are so real!!

by revhousehold1991 13 Sep 2015

Cute little Elf girl.... what mischief will she get into????

by lbrow 13 Sep 2015

Oh so very sweet Sonja/Lillian

by shirley124 13 Sep 2015

Wow! Another little one to love. Hugs

by pennifold 13 Sep 2015

Hi Sonja, she is beautiful. I love her name too. As you know we have a grand-daughter called Ophélie - which is very close to the name you have given your little Elf. Hope you are feeling well today. Love Chris

by baydreamer 13 Sep 2015

I just love these elf /fairy life like dolls! What's her name?

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pennifold by pennifold 13 Sep 2015

Hii Baybdreamer, Sonja said her name was Ofelia. Love Chris

by graceandham 13 Sep 2015

Sonja They are beautiful. Love the pink bedding with eyelet and bows!

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sorval by sorval 14 Sep 2015

Tank hou alle ferry much
I have Them over 3 different rooms lol
The livingroom my bedroom And the bedroom underground the roof
Hugo sonja