by blessinge 17 Dec 2008

This is really cute, thanks for sharing the site with us.

by kezza2sew 16 Dec 2008

thanks for sharing, will put it on 'my 2 DO List'

by manami 16 Dec 2008

Nice tutorial, thanks for sharing, Stitship!

by sqdancer 16 Dec 2008

Thanks stitchship, have a few of her Fuzzy's and the pattern for the tote bag but haven't tackled it yet...

by nurselilly 16 Dec 2008

I have made one of her bags and its really easy to do so come on cuties have a go i did and i havent been sewing that long ( i must do some photos and post them)

by pafhen 15 Dec 2008

That is very nice, I really liked it for a diaper bag.

by mariahail 15 Dec 2008

I like this, thanks***

by suezz 15 Dec 2008

This is cute. Thanks *4U

by lindaavolio 15 Dec 2008

Thank you *4U

by tabsolom 23 Sep 2008

Love the design what a women, *4u

by blhamblen 23 Sep 2008

It is really "CUTE" but I think my grandkids would have grandkids b-4 I got it done LOL :)

by ldb1311 23 Sep 2008

A answer for the perfect gift..Thank you. search is done

by misscharlie 03 Aug 2008

That is way too cute and way too over my head lol. It will take me a couple of years to be able to do that I will save to favs tho in the off chance. G/D Ava is due in Nov this would make an adorable diaper bag, but she would be potty trained by the time I figured it out! LMBO

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nurselilly by nurselilly 16 Dec 2008

Its all done in the hoop then you just satin stitch it together trust me its easy

by nonna57 03 Aug 2008

thankyou this is sew sweet

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stitchship by stitchship 03 Aug 2008

You are welcome.

by nglover1 03 Aug 2008

Thank You will bookmark and read later. A flower for you.

by joaniessw 03 Aug 2008

Thank you. I will read later. It is such a cute bag. *4U ><>

by salsabil 03 Aug 2008


by kezza2sew 25 Jun 2008

Thanks for sharing, the tote does look lovely.

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stitchship by stitchship 30 Jun 2008

You are welcome!

by ruthie 25 Jun 2008

Awww, so sweet, thanks stitchship. Hugs and flowers sweetie.

by mpo14011 25 Jun 2008

This bag is soooo cute. I think I will file it away under MORE BAGS and try it out at a later time.Thank you so much.An armful of flowers for you.

stitchship by stitchship 25 Jun 2008

Thanks, that is so sweet! I love this cute little angel, and the armful of roses. Hmmmm, I can almost smell them! :) *4Uall

minnieb by minnieb 25 Jun 2008

bag lady ,bag lady, bag lady

mpo14011 by mpo14011 25 Jun 2008

Now listen here, Maggie. Behave yourself other you may not get any more help!hehehehe!!!

by dkjack 24 Jun 2008

Thanks, this is a new site for me.

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stitchship by stitchship 25 Jun 2008

This is such a good site. She is one of Miems Daughters. The quality of the work is fantastic. Enjoy and have a nice day!

by lbrow 24 Jun 2008


by colonies1 24 Jun 2008

thanks neat site.........*4U