by angelmakes3 03 Aug 2015

Would anyone who has or has had a Baby Lock Spirit, please comment on any positive or negative experiences they have had with it, I am thinking of getting one, and would really appreciate any feedback about them Thank-You Pat


by sdrise 04 Aug 2015

If it is a babylock you will enjoy it. I have all babylock machines,I love my machines

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joycross by joycross 04 Aug 2015

I have a babylock Spirit and I love it. Its easy to use. I had a Pfaff and like the babylock better

by theduchess 03 Aug 2015

Check your -inbox-TOP COLUM. This is a Babylock, super easy to learn.
One touch threading makes it nice.Pes format means you'll find tons of designs. just enjoy it. 4 hoops -12 inches gives you a huge sewing field. Hope this helps.