by toogie ( edited 21 Jul 2015 ) 20 Jul 2015

EDIT-I think you will agree, this one is much better. I had more control, with the opposite end of the band, by tacking with a few hand stitches, before I sewed it with my regular machine. It is so small when you make the circle, it is hard to have control of it and still stitch fairly nice.----------Cuties this is something I tried today. I wanted our girl to have something emb related, representing all the prayers for her tomorrow, from Cuties. I had trouble with the denim fraying and catching in the stitching. If I have time, which I doubt seriously I will, I will make her another one with a cotton fabric. The red, white and blue I tried first. The 'Bravery for Avery' is what I want her to wear. My first time to try this and not sure if it will fit, but the back has the elastic, so we will see. Both times I couldn't hold, even tho I pinned the elastic even, but it is the back...I sewed one end in the hoop and the other after I un-hooped. It is very small, so that is why it is hard to stitch the elastic even, for me anyway. I think the first ones edge looks better because it was satin stitched navy like the denim. Oh well, that's what I did today.-Toogie


by jrob Moderator 21 Jul 2015

brAVERY- how clever! I prayer for her last night, that she wouldn't be afraid and that all would come out perfectly for her. Tell her we not only prayer for her, we love her!

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toogie by toogie 22 Jul 2015

They you, Jerrilyn. I let my daughter read all your post after surgery and bought tears to her eyes.Thank you all.

by sonjapotgieter 21 Jul 2015

They beautiful!!!!Great work

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toogie by toogie 22 Jul 2015

Thanks Sonja and even tho they are small, they are still too big.

by basketkase 21 Jul 2015

You are a loving and awesome Grand!! Avery will look lovely sporting these......

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basketkase by basketkase 21 Jul 2015

And yes, Toogie, we continue to pray for this beautiful young lady!

by peafarm 21 Jul 2015

Sorry, I must have missed reading about your little grand daughter--hope all goes well--my prayers are with the entire family--Pray that God's healing hands transfer to the surgeon. Hold fast in belief that all will be well. I see no fraying only a lot of love that went in to the stitching!!

by lbrow 21 Jul 2015

Avery will love them Toogie. I know I do/Lillian

by marianamin2003 21 Jul 2015

Beautiful! Prayers for Avery and all of you.

by tlp22 20 Jul 2015

Awesome designs. Nothing wrong with the fray. Just means sometimes we get a little wobbly when we are scared. But if we stand strong our bravery will win the fight. God Bless you and your family as you go through this tough time . May the Angels stand fast and the good Lord surround Avery and your family with His love and protection.

by Leaha 20 Jul 2015

Stitched with LOVE nothing wrong with that, I think they are cute! Give your little one a big hug from all of us and prayers are winging their way to heaven as always for Miss Avery. Also for the Dr.s nurses and most especially the parents and grandparents. hugs

by lilylady 20 Jul 2015

you could do one side on stabilizer and embroider, cut out other piece sew together with sewing machine with elastic facing in, leave an opening and turn right side out and top stitch. just a suggestion.

by babash 20 Jul 2015

Good job on this. Could you have zig zag around the edge on a regular machine after trimming? Prayers for Avery.

by sdrise 20 Jul 2015

Beautiful!! prayers are with you all tomorrow!!

by pldc 20 Jul 2015

Prayers for Avery tomorrow Toogie & all of you as it is a stressful time. I think this is a lovely bracelet ~hugs~

by designgirl 20 Jul 2015

Sending prayers for Avery, that all goes well for her tomorrow. These are really nice , love the "BRAVERY" one the best. Hugs Lynn

by RockyB 20 Jul 2015

That's a really nice idea! I hope the surgery goes well tomorrow!

by noah 20 Jul 2015

Praying for you all hugs

by highlandermom 20 Jul 2015

Trusting Lord overseeing this surgery speaking guidance and for complete healing. I have asked for a multitude of angels to minister to all there tomorrow with peace, comforting.

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noah by noah 20 Jul 2015

And i second this lovely prayer

by NancyBT10 20 Jul 2015

For every little fray you see know that is a prayer said! Praying for all of you.

by rachap 20 Jul 2015

Tomorrow I will pray that God will be watching over this beautiful little girl and that He will give all of her family peace and comfort. Hold each other close and before you know it, it all will beover.

by pennifold 20 Jul 2015

Dear Toogie, I also want to add my good wishes and prayers for Avery's surgery. Also for the doctors and nurses attending and all the families involved with this operation. God be with you all, love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 20 Jul 2015

I'm adding my prayers for Avery to have a successful surgery and a quick recovery. I hope her nutrition issues will be solved. Please let us know how she is doing tomorrow.

by gougousse edited 20 Jul 2015

According to Lidia, it is a great idea. And from me too, best wishes for Avery tomorrow.

About "denim", I made a lot of coaster withs this fabric, and I can say that this is the outline width that hides fraying.

widest points = nice clean outline

I don't speak english very well and I use a translator, ...I hope I explained well, and you understand what I mean
Hugs, Céline

by graceandham 20 Jul 2015

Avery, parents, Nora, and grands all in my prayers. Hoping we get a great result for her.

by lidiad 20 Jul 2015

That's a great idea, Toogie. Best wishes for Avery tomorrow.
Hugs, Lidia