by airyfairy 15 Jul 2015

Had to make such a hard decision this morning. My beautiful pekingese Mushu has had a very bad back for the last week and has been on strong medication. This morning he could not walk at all. I took him to my vet and together we made the decision to put him down. He was 15 years. I am missing you so much my darling boy.

1) Mushu at the prime of his life
2) His blanket, digitized by Vicki (basketkase)
3) A picture also digitized by Vicki.


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by pldc edited 19 Jul 2015

Oh Sarah I am so very sorry to hear of this. It is a heartbreaking decision to make but he is pain free now. ~hugs for you~

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pldc by pldc 19 Jul 2015

people who don't have pets don't understand the bond that we pet owners have...they are our babies & they love us unconditionally. You loved him enough to set him free so very hard to do. I am dreading the day I too must make this same choice

by mechille 17 Jul 2015

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm glad you have the pictures to look back on. Prayers for you during this time.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 18 Jul 2015

I have many pictures of my boy. He is my screen saver on my phone and computer. Thank you for your post.

by dakota 17 Jul 2015

I am so sorry for your loss. Words can not erase the depth of your pain but hopefully the thoughts and prayers you receive will how to lessen them.

by sunshine6 17 Jul 2015

A sad day. I am sorry for your loss.

by aussiequilter 16 Jul 2015

so sorry to hear of the passing of your little boy , its such a hard decision but you dont want to see him suffer

by designgirl 16 Jul 2015

Sorry to hear you have loss your Mushu. My heart goes out to you, we loss our pet years ago and we still miss her. When they are a member of the family it is very hard. We had our dog cremated, and she is here with us with a picture of her above her urn of ashes. Thoughts and prayers for you. Hugs Lynn

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airyfairy by airyfairy 17 Jul 2015

Thank you Lynn. I had the choice of burial or cremation. I chose cremation but I did not want his ashes. He is in my heart. I am finding it so hard,

by kalamazoo 16 Jul 2015

Sarah, What a sweet tribute to your darling dog. Your heart must be broken. Praying for comfort.

by airyfairy 16 Jul 2015

Thank you all so much for your loving posts. I am feeling better today, although missing Mushu terribly - I miss his feet pattering on the wooden floors and him sitting on my lap. Some years ago my daughter made Mushu a drinking bowl. This morning I bought a pot plant and some little stones and have made a little memory feature.
Flowers and hugs to all.

rescuer by rescuer 16 Jul 2015

It is lovely. I do hope it helps to have this near you. Hugs!

Leaha by Leaha 16 Jul 2015

What a lovely gesture, I'm sure he is barking at you over taking his bowl...mad because he has no drinking water or glad that he can sit beside you. Please smile, that's all my silliness is for.

airyfairy by airyfairy 16 Jul 2015

Your silliness has made me smile. Thank you for that.

lbrow by lbrow 16 Jul 2015

I'm thinking of you Sara, this is a nice memorial you have done,well thought out/Lillian

Leaha by Leaha 16 Jul 2015

Your are welcome. I just wanted you to know I'm not making light of your loss. :)

NancyBT10 by NancyBT10 17 Jul 2015

I love your idea of using the water bowl as a planter. Glad to read that you are feeling a little better.

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 17 Jul 2015

This little memorial planter idea is a great idea and the living plant helps to symbolize that the love you shared lives on. Don't be afraid to keep his memory in your heart - that's where it belongs and will, over time, make your heart strong again.

by decojo 15 Jul 2015

Sending prayers your way. Hugs, Joyce

by graceandham 15 Jul 2015

It's so hard losing a best friend. I remember when basketkase did the beautiful digitizing for you. So glad you have that to look at forever now as you remember the joy Mushu brought.

by noah 15 Jul 2015

oh soooooooooo sad i willl pray for you hugs Carolyn

by Leaha 15 Jul 2015

Oh airyfairy, I'm so sorry for you. He was so very cute.

by pennifold 15 Jul 2015

Oh! my dear Sarah, my heart is aching right along with you. I got a post from my dearest friend Sue this morning re the loss of a dog. It was on FB from the Doginton Post basically saying "Share a Rose if you've loved a dog who's taken a piece of your heart to heaven". I know what you are going through as that was what happened to our beloved Bella, she couldn't walk near the end too. Let the tears flow and you'll always have wonderful memories of him. Loving thoughts being sent your way. Love Chris

by rmj8939 15 Jul 2015

I am so sorry for your loss Sarah.

by dragonflyer 15 Jul 2015

Oh, Sarah, my heart is aching and breaking for you...I know your, so, very sad...I wish I were there to give you a hug...

by chenille 15 Jul 2015

Oh my. I feel for you. We just went through the same thing 3 weeks ago. I still can not hold back tears. Just know that it was the best for him. It is a difficult decision...but the right thing to do.
Many hugs, Nadyne

by zoefzoef 15 Jul 2015

Sarah, I feel so said to read this news. I know how much your friend meant to me. The digitized designs are very beautiful. Hugs send

by highlandermom 15 Jul 2015

So sad for you. I understand this loss and send a heartfelt hug.

by jen15957 15 Jul 2015

I'm so sorry It's heart breaking to lose your baby. That's the way I feel about my pets I love them they are like children to me. You were blessed to have Mushi in your life for 15 years. 105 years old what a wonderful life.

by annsalem 15 Jul 2015

I feel so sad for you. I have been through this and I think I cried everyday for a long time. Our pets bring us such joy. We have two babies now and they each bring their unconditional love every moment of every day. You have beautiful memories I am sure.
Hugs for you.
God Bless

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Jul 2015

It is heartbreaking all around. Watching them suffer and having to make the decision to free them is sooooo hard. In the time they are with us they give us so much of unconditional love and joy. No wonder we miss them horribly. A big hug coming your way

by crazystitcher 15 Jul 2015

So sorry to learn of your having to say farewell to your dear Mushu; from his photo, it is easy to see from the expression on his face that he knew how much you loved him; I hope that over time, your fond memories of him will help to ease your heart-ache.

by NancyBT10 15 Jul 2015

Your Mushu was a very handsome fellow. I love the photo, blanket and picture. Our precious pups will forever be part of our lives. I lost my beloved mini Schnauzer a couple of years ago and yet, I feel he is still walking about with me all the time. They may leave our lap but never our heart. I am so sorry that you had to make such a difficult decision. Praying that you find comfort with all the memories.

by 02kar Moderator 15 Jul 2015

I know words can't fill the hole left in your heart and in your life. I'm so glad you shared Mushu with us over the years. I know he has been a special Cutie to us all. My heart goes out to you in your grief and my arms in a big cyber hug for you.

by rescuer Moderator 15 Jul 2015

Oh, dear Sarah, I am so sorry! I know how hard that decision can be. I hope your heart will heal and that you will find peace.
Sending hugs and love your way.

by lbrow 15 Jul 2015

So very sorry Sarah. It's so sad to lose those we love but I think because we love them so much it's even worse on us to see them suffer. To give them release from all the pain shows we are thinking of them and not how much we are going to miss them. God Bless./Lillian

by sdrise 15 Jul 2015

I am so sorry for your loss It is hard to lose part of the family. Suzanne

by queenofhearts 15 Jul 2015

I know the pain that you are feeling, I am so sorry for you.

by jrob Moderator 15 Jul 2015

I am so sorry. I know furbabies wriggle right into our hearts. You have some precious possessions of his to hold and look at.

by gerryvb 15 Jul 2015

I'm so sorry for you. It's very difficult to take the decision , but we don't want to suffer our beloved pets. Hope you have many wonderful memories to cherish, he will always keep that special place in your heart.
Wished I could give you a real hug right now. My dog ( 3rd dog )is almost 15 years now, so I can imagine how you miss your dear Mushu. love, Gerry

gerryvb by gerryvb 15 Jul 2015

by the way he was beautiful and I'm sure very sweet too.

airyfairy by airyfairy 15 Jul 2015

Thank you Gerry. He was really beautiful but had a very nasty side to him as pekingese so often do. Bit my DH quite often but never once bit me.

by basketkase 15 Jul 2015

Oh, Sarah, my heart aches for you, dear friend......I understand completely what you are feeling, so very sorry for this painful loss....
loving hugs.........Vicki

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airyfairy by airyfairy 15 Jul 2015

Thank you so much for all you did for Mushu with the embroidery. My heart is just in pieces.