by danababes 13 Jul 2015

I'd like to try Organ needles but I found the info on the Organ site very confusing. I have always used Janome Blue Tips in my Janome (4123) sewing machine..I've used them in the same machine for 22 years.

How do I work out the equivalent of a Blue Tip to an Organ needle? Thx in advance :) xXx


by pldc 18 Jul 2015

I have Janome machines & I have to say when I first learned of Organ Needles I was a bit leery. The prices just don't compare but I gave them a try & I have never looked back. Now the only Needles I buy are the Organ needles I think they are by far the best deal around! I bought 100 Needles on Amazon for $7 & normally I pay $6 for 5.....A tip for you since the Organ Needles come in a paper pk save all your Janome needle cases so you can put the new ones in the cases... If you go ahead & give them a try.. ~hugs Loralye~

by mlbell70 15 Jul 2015

Would like to ask another question about using schmetz embroidery needles in my Janomie memory craft 11000. Would they work as well as the Janomie needles and be the same length? Thanks for your help. Mary Lou

mlbell70 by mlbell70 16 Jul 2015

Sorry, should have the right spelling should be " Janome"

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 18 Jul 2015

Yes, Schmetz needles will work just fine...and they are the same length...

by danababes 14 Jul 2015

Ok, a futher question: If all needles are indeed made in the same factories ... am I simply looking for 11/75 needles? Is that the equivalent of a "Janome Blue Tip"? The letters after numbers are confusing me. ST=embroidery .. ok .. DP (I think) is titanium coated (which I use in my embroidery machine) .. akk I'm feeling very dumb here. Thank you to those of you who've tried to help <3 Dana.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 14 Jul 2015

Well, all needles are not made by the same single company, but Organ Needles does make the Janome needles...Here is a link to the Organ Needle website with PDF files with information about their different needles...perhaps this will help.

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by AuntAnnie edited 13 Jul 2015

I purchase Organ needles from Sharp Sewing Supplies eBay store. I agree fully with dragonflyer about purchasing various sizes and both type of needle points and with sewdoctor concerning the quality of Organ needles.

danababes by danababes 14 Jul 2015

Thank you for the link. :) Very interesting shop! Sadly it works out more expensive to buy these - compared to the Blue Tips - due to the exchange rate and postage (I'm in Oz). I checked the eby au site and prices there start at AU$24.95 :(

graceandham by graceandham 14 Jul 2015

I'm in USA and have used both, and find them quite the same. Blue Tips are a quality needle.

by sewdoctor 13 Jul 2015

It is of my opinion that Organ makes and delivers the same quality of needles as the big brand needles, at a much better price. I just found Organ needles for my old Singer sergers...a pkg of 10 #2054 needles cost 3.45 (and in July at WAWAK 20% off of that) against 10 Singer 2045 for $8.+ change at another supplier...Use Organ needles with confidence.

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danababes by danababes 14 Jul 2015

Well I'm under the impression that most, if not all, needles are made in the same factory so I figured I might try the Organ ones, rather than Janome branded ones. :)

by Leaha 13 Jul 2015

Thanks for asking this question. I've learned something new today. Hurrah!

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danababes by danababes 14 Jul 2015

Me too, but I'm still confused lol :-/

by dragonflyer 13 Jul 2015

So, if you are wanting the Organ needles for should get the 15X1ST...these are made for embroidery and have a larger eye than the standard universal sewing needle...I would recommend size 12 for the most versatile use...if you are going to get multiple sizes...I would get 11, 12 and sharp and ball point (if you do any knit fabrics)...the setters ST indicate that they are for embroidery and have a larger eye...

Leaha by Leaha 13 Jul 2015

Thanks! :~)

danababes by danababes 14 Jul 2015

Thanks. Interesting information. But these will not be for my embroidery machine (which is a Brother). I'm looking for the equivalent to a Janome Blue Tip for a home sewing machine.

by grandmamek 13 Jul 2015

I have used both the blue tip and the organ needles. Organ makes the blue tip and the red tip ones for Janome. I now just use the organ needles and have had no problem with them. I use a size 11 when doing FSL and a size 14 for regular embroidery designs. Hope this information helps.

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danababes by danababes 14 Jul 2015

Thank you :) This is for a regular sewing machine though, not an embroidery machine. I hope I can figure out which ones I can use.

by stock 13 Jul 2015

I have used organ for years, I use 9-11,ordinary needle had no problems, I have brother machines....wendy

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danababes by danababes 14 Jul 2015

Thank you :) I'm hoping they work out for me too.