by workbecky 23 Jun 2015

Grandchildren are coming for a visit and I am looking for ideas to non permanently label their towels. I was thinking of something like a "luggage" tag that I could button on the towel but thought someone else might have an even better idea. There are 9 of them plus their moms. I also thought of using designs instead of names as two are non readers (well really three if you count the baby 8 months).


by workbecky 02 Oct 2015

Updating what I did for the grands coming this summer. The first picture is a close up of all the designs. I embroidered them on felt and then cut out the felt and sewed them on towels I already had. My 5 year old granddaughter sat in my lap and helped me sew the patches on. She was actually the only only not completely thrilled with their towel. She liked the Fairy Unicorn made for her sister. The compromise was before she left she had her own Fairy Unicorn on a shirt. My husband and another granddaughter installed the peg board for hanging the towels. Next year the adults want their own towels. Oldest grandson wanted to take his home and was sad when his mom said it had to stay at Grandma's. Gave me a Christmas idea for him. lol. Becky

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babash by babash 02 Oct 2015

That was a very clever idea. Thanks for updating us on how you solved your problem.

by Janus48 24 Jun 2015

As a really quick non permanent solution a safety pin to a corner with a different colored embroidery thread attached for each person or you could embroider a ribbon with the name and pin that to a corner of the towel.

by rachap 24 Jun 2015

Just another idea--you could ask the Mothers if each child could bring his/her own towel with them and when they are there you could help them do their own name or design The older ones could do for the little ones.
Have a wonderful visit!f embroiderers11

by lilylyn 24 Jun 2015

I saw somewhere that someone labelled the towels at their holiday house with numbers. May work for you. Enjoy their visit. Lyn

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workbecky by workbecky 24 Jun 2015

I knew I would get some great ideas if I asked. Thanks for the ideas. Becky

by rescuer Moderator 24 Jun 2015

You might consider making the towel loop or hole to hang on a hook. With that many guests, you may need to have them hung on hooks.
I think using different colors is the best idea -- regardless of the design you choose.
For a very non permanent solution, use colored thread and a regular sewing machine with a wide or long stitch that can be removed later.

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workbecky by workbecky 24 Jun 2015

My husband thought of making a peg or hook board with each peg a different color because hanging this many towels is going to be a challenge (a wonderful one :) ). I now have several ideas to think about. Thank you.

by marianb 24 Jun 2015

It sound like a house full, I put non specific gender designs on the towels at my place. Maybe you can use flowers in different colours so any guest can use them..

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workbecky by workbecky 24 Jun 2015

It is going to be a wonderful house full. Our oldest daughter is an Air Force wife and this is the first they have lived in the States in 7 years but Colorado is still a long way away. Looking forward to our 16 days together. The other daughter now lives 8 hours away after our move to Arkansas from Texas. Very long drives for little people.

by sandralane 23 Jun 2015

A design especially for each one,also adding their name would be nice. Then would be a keep sake from Gran to be treasured. Sandra.

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workbecky by workbecky 23 Jun 2015

Thank you. They do have towels at their own home made by me. I certainly have enough towels to make them their own at my house.

by kazza 23 Jun 2015

If they stay over from time to time why not give them their own towels with their name embroidered on them. The kids normally love it! They will then get their own towel each time they visit (The same towel)

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workbecky by workbecky 23 Jun 2015

Unfortunately neither family lives close to me. We will probably only have them visit once a year.

by dragonflyer 23 Jun 2015

I think adding a design is a great idea...

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workbecky by workbecky 23 Jun 2015

Thank you,

by grandmamek 23 Jun 2015

I like your idea of designs on each towel.

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workbecky by workbecky 23 Jun 2015

Thank you.