by sandralochran 17 Jun 2015

I made this bag some time ago and need help to find the pattern please It has 3 zipps in the front and side pockets


by lbrow 18 Jun 2015

Hope you find what you are looking for. It's a lovely bag/Lillian

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sandralochran by sandralochran 19 Jun 2015

No Lillian I cannot find the pattern !!!

by toogie 18 Jun 2015

Hi Sandra, when you find it do you know how to save it as a pdf file? A Cutie told me how, and now I save in a folder, just like my design folders. I think it looks like the red one lolly3 shows. Good luck Toogie

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sandralochran by sandralochran 18 Jun 2015

I did have it but my externial hard drive crashed and i lost all

by lolly3 18 Jun 2015

Hi sandralochran, I have had a brief look on the Web for you and ended up looking through the Craftsy site. Found a couple of Pleated Bags that could be modified with Zippers placed into the pleated areas. Hope this has helped you out. Regards Lorraine McNeill of South Australia.

pennifold by pennifold 18 Jun 2015

Well spotted Lorraine, it looks exactly like the one shown. Love Chris

sandralochran by sandralochran 19 Jun 2015

Thanks Lorraine . i will have a look ,Sandra --Brisbane