by wendymay60 04 May 2015

We are on our ship for our cruise BUT the ship is not moving. when we were picked up at out point on the 2nd, we were taken to Strasbourg instead of Basil, as the ship could not fit under the bridge. The river is still rising. The rain has stopped. & the sun came out today. we are hopping that we sail on tonight (Mon) or Tuesday. We came for a cruise not a bus trip


by wendymay60 05 May 2015

WE ARE SAILING, WE ARE SAILING, to line up to go into the Rhine hopefully in the morning we will be on the Rhine. We are sailing straight to Cologne hoping to get there Thursday morning. We are on a new ship as it has only done 4 cruises. it is the Avalon Tranquility 11

by wendymay60 05 May 2015

Yes To Amsterdam. we are hoping that we start our cruise tomorrow morning (Wed) We may be heading straight to cologne as we bussed to Mainz. There was plenty of rain which is melting snow faster

by cfidl 04 May 2015

I hope the rest of your vacation is so wonderful it makes you forget about this delay.

by asterixsew Moderator 04 May 2015

Just enjoy being away from home and hopefully the problem will go very soon.

by airyfairy 04 May 2015

unfortunately we cannot do any thing about the weather. I hope you will soon be on your way and have a wonderful holiday.

by 02kar Moderator 04 May 2015

I'm so sorry. I hope that the cruise begins soon and is all you wanted and expected. Please share pictures with us later.

by dragonflyer 04 May 2015

Sorry to hear this...hoping you get back on the ship soon!

by grossfamilie 04 May 2015

Hello Wendy, are you doing a Rhine cruise towards Cologne - Netherlands? Anyway wishing you a very good time with better weather
and no high flood. It should work out fine normally because there was
not too much snow in winter so it can not melt and go into the rivers
Hugs Maria