Colors: 15 

Letter U

Design #: 9955335
Price: $1.97
Design Details
Size (in): 2.24"(w) x 2.48"(h)
Size (mm): 57 x 63
Stitches: 9500
Colors: 15 Color Chart: View | Print
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jurassicdinofont u
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waarom kan men niet stemmen voor letters die net geweest zijn tot plat 20 geweest niet er in

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dank je wel stem voor B R dank je allen

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thank you very much for this lovely alphabet

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I am so glad I have a paid membership here so I can download whenever I have time. The membership here is such a bargain. Thanks for the "U" it is so very cute!

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Thank you for posting the Jurassic V for tomorrow

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Thank you ,,,can people PLEASE vote for R as well, as I have missed collecting that one.

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Thank you, please vote for the N~ somehow I missed it!!!

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Thank you for such a great alphabet. Love it.

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please cast your votes for 'S' in the Jurassic style--very much appreciated. Love to see everyone's projects.

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than u for 'U'--somehow downloaded T after R and not S. Can ya'll vote for S or post it as a free letter in Jurassic? thanks again

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Please vote for this number: 9965054 (on page 5 is the correct V).

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Thanks so much for the cute Dino font! I must have missed "R" or have you done it yet? Marion

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This is so cute! Thank you very much.

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Thank you. Could you please post the V for this set (Jurassic dino)? I see that V for the Dream font is posted instead.

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Thank You!