by darlingwife 11 Mar 2015

I made this in honor of my brother. This one fits a 5x7 hoop


by lbrow 11 Mar 2015

A beautiful memorial you have done for him/Lillian

by arisann 11 Mar 2015

I have about 10 cardinals in my yard that come every day to eat. The most beautiful birds in the world and my favorite. I was born in NC so you know I just love the state bird. I collect every cardinal design I can because they are so beautiful (the ones I can afford). How do I buy this one? Did you digitize it? Thank you for sharing what you made with us!!

by pldc 11 Mar 2015


by pennyhal2 11 Mar 2015

Well done! I hope you get many visits from the Cardinals.

by noah 11 Mar 2015

excellent work Linda !!Hugs

by radmom 11 Mar 2015

I actually saw a cardinal in my yard today! Normally I just hear him tweeting, but don't see him. This morning he was perched on the top of my pine tree! Made my day! This is a beautiful memory of your brother!

by connerj 11 Mar 2015

That is so beautiful. After my brother passed my mom said the same thing when she a dove. Thanks for sharing this work of art. :)

by sonjapotgieter 11 Mar 2015

Stunning...Great work

by basketkase 11 Mar 2015

Wonderful sentiment, Linda and love the fabric you have stitched on...looks terrific!

by pennifold 11 Mar 2015

What a stunning looking piece of embroidery. I just love your Cardinals. A beautiful sentiment for your brother. Love Chris

by greytgirl 11 Mar 2015

What a lovely way to honor your brother! It is beautiful.