by pldc ( edited 16 Nov 2014 ) 14 Nov 2014

This is what happens when you try to rush through a project! I checked twice that my basting stitch was set @ an 8 but for some reason it came out to what appears to be a minus! I turned my eyes away for a few seconds to grab my next thread colour & before I knew it the machine had gone around three sides before I hit stop! My first time sewing on a jacket without hooping it too. I spend longer picking out the minute stitches then I did to stitch the moose! Lesson learned. After I stitched the three holes I put in it while removing the minute stitches this is what I am left with! Such a shame too as this is a very warm hoodie


by airyfairy 16 Nov 2014

He is such a cute Moose. I agree with the others to try an add some more embroidery.

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pldc by pldc 16 Nov 2014

Many thanks to you as well Sarah!~hugs~

by lbrow 15 Nov 2014

I think some little glittery snow flakes or even some rain drops would cover your tiny holes some greenery afterall moose do dwell in wooded areas, ferns, some pine needles. You'll think of something. I think he is a cute little moose/Lillian

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pldc by pldc 16 Nov 2014

Thanks Lillian very much. ~hugs~

by pldc 15 Nov 2014

Thank you all for your suggestions I have tried unsuccessfully to add a design to this but I just can't seem to get the placement right so I give up until another day! sigh.............I may give the hand work snowflakes a try that way the placement will be where it needs to be. ~hugs & flowers for all~

by sonjapotgieter 15 Nov 2014

Well you did save it...Add small things on the holes.Drops etc...

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pldc by pldc 15 Nov 2014

I have tried unsuccessfully to add a design to this but I just can't seem to get the placement right so I give up until another day! sigh.............

by rugejack 15 Nov 2014

So cute. I would embroidery some dots (like Balls) over the holes, plus a few more. Then it would look like he is "juggling" balls. lol Ruth J

by basketkase 15 Nov 2014

What a terrific jacket and love the moose!! I too have occasionally had to stitches and what a pain in the patutie!

by sjbrower 15 Nov 2014

Hmmm... maybe something is in the air that affects embroiderers! I read comments from asterixsew about words that she had to remove.

I was trying out a new floral on a shirt for my mom, and the fabric was so stretchy that it kept moving around on me. So stopped, took out all the stitches, and decided that tomorrow will be a better day. (and maybe whatever is in the air will be gone! LOL)

by marianb 15 Nov 2014

A shame this happened.. If floating the fabric on top I use straight sewing pins to hold to stabilizer then run the tacking stitches if need to.. I'm sure you've already worked out how to hide the small holes.. Marian

by teun 15 Nov 2014

sieht trotzdem gut aus

by highlandermom 14 Nov 2014

He is cute and I am sure you can fix with cover up. Snowball, flakes little mound of snow.

by justsew 14 Nov 2014

Arr what a shame, he is so cute, I hope it works our for you
Hugs Pam.

by katydid 14 Nov 2014

I am not sure as what happened. I do use straight pins to secure item to stabilizer as I do not like removing the basting stitches. Sorry it was not to your plans. i am sure you will find a way that suits you the best. Trial and error!!! Kay

by dragonflyer 14 Nov 2014

I feel your pain...if you are going to add small designs around and over the holes..iron on some fusible knit interfacing like cloud cover will stabilize the holes and the surrounding area...then go ahead and embroider the "fix" designs as you would normally with a new hooping of stabilizer...ask me how I know...I have had to do this more than works very well...even if you digitized a few small hearts..or stars...or added an acorn or some other small should work great...and truth be will look amazing...

by noah 14 Nov 2014

He still looks cute hugs

by Leaha 14 Nov 2014

This is cute. has a cute miniature snowflake.

by loosie 14 Nov 2014

Loralye he's adorable.
I'm working on a hoodie too, I use a sticky stabilizer instead of the tack stitches, the stabilizer I use isn't sticky until it moistened with water (a damp cloth) the wetter the stabilizer the stickier it gets, don't need much moister or it's hard to remove. Then tear away the excess stabilizer.
If you do any hand embroidery, you can do some white dots like a mini snowflake, there called a French knot.
provided the link for you....cheers :)

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pldc by pldc 15 Nov 2014

a very good idea thanks Loosie I think I will give this a try

by sewilso 14 Nov 2014

It is very cute, hope you find something to cover it with.

by shilly 14 Nov 2014

Too cute to lose, i agree that putting something over the holes could turn out fine...

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pldc by pldc 14 Nov 2014

something to think about for sure...............

by vickiannette 14 Nov 2014

Is putting a smaller design over the little holes an option? I also find the tacking stitches a bit of a nuisance and only use when absolutely necessary. nice moose.

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pldc by pldc 14 Nov 2014

thank you very much, I wasn't sure how to keep it in place without the tacking stitch? Any thoughts on how to do this would be appreciated

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Nov 2014

Glad that it all turned out well at the end. Somehow I reversed some words I was embroidering today and spent an age getting thread out so I know how you feel

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pldc by pldc 14 Nov 2014

sttssstttts such a niusence! thank you very much Caroline

by 02kar Moderator 14 Nov 2014

It is cute and a big bummer that this happened. What about miniature snowflakes or stars over the holes. It is certainly worth a little extra to salvage the item.

pldc by pldc 14 Nov 2014

thank you very much Karen & that might work if I can find something small enough

Leaha by Leaha 14 Nov 2014

Starbird Stock designs has a miniature snowflake that I just got from their site and better yet it's a freebie, kinda cute.

by designgirl 14 Nov 2014

It is a very cute design.

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pldc by pldc 14 Nov 2014

thank you very much