by radmom 20 Sep 2014

I made this tea mug rug for my daughter for her birthday. It's from San Francisco Stitch Co. The Mint was changed from Chai, since my daughter loves Mint tea. I hope she will enjoy using it at her desk in her dorm room while she's doing classwork.


by pennyhal2 21 Sep 2014

Gosh, that's a terrific mug rug! How did you get the satin stitching so perfect? I always get pokies.

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radmom by radmom 22 Sep 2014

The satin edge was part of the design. I used tear-away stabilizer. The fuzzies, I lightly touched with a lighter, then used a sharpy marker that was close to the same color to color the edge. I guess you could uses a wash-away stabilizer also and then there should be no pokies if you trimmed it close before the satin stitch.

by Leaha 20 Sep 2014

She's sure to love it, as it's a gift from Mom! :-)

by RockyB 20 Sep 2014

Looks great, I'm sure she'll enjoy it!

by decojo 20 Sep 2014

very pretty!

by decojo 20 Sep 2014

very pretty!

by lbrow 20 Sep 2014

My bet is, she'll love it and think of you every time she sees it/Lillian

by pldc 20 Sep 2014

Very pretty & I'm sure that she will too. ~hugs~

by noah 20 Sep 2014

excellent work hugs

by highlandermom 20 Sep 2014

Very pretty.

by arlene 20 Sep 2014

Very nice. I love it.

by mops Moderator 20 Sep 2014

Lovely mug rug, she'll like it, I'm sure.