by rescuer Moderator ( edited 10 Feb 2019 ) 15 May 2014


Are you looking for a design that was located in the Designs by Cuties tab? Do you want to know when the Designs By Cuties tab (or DBC) will be back?

Click here for more information.
Please read through all the links attached here.
Patience is very important. The designs are not available.
No one knows when the DBC will be back.
Even the owner thought it would not take as long as it has. Realize there were thousands of designs to go through. I know of a single contributor that had over 1000 designs...that is just one single contributor. The owner must also run the websites and digitize new designs as well as update the site every time Microsoft makes a change. Additionally, she must answer countless PM's over missed free designs, email address changes, requests for free designs, complaints about the timing of when free designs are posted....the list goes on.
She does have a family. I hope she is able to spend time with them.
I do hope we can all be patient while she works very hard -- we only need to wait.


by gramsbear 17 May 2014

I, for one did not test stitch the MANY name snowflakes I put on DBC, and I feel bad knowing I may be one of the reasons we are having to wait so long, Sorry Cuties. But I have been emailing Name Snowflakes for longer than it has been down. So Many Hugs, Judy

rescuer by rescuer 17 May 2014

Dear Judy, I don't think it has much to do with that and I am pretty sure you did test stitch some of the designs. However, the biggest factor is the number of designs she needs to review. You alone contributed nearly 700 designs. Just looking at each design and the information that accompanies it would take time. I do not know how many contributors the DBC had -- but if you think about it -- there were many. It adds up to a LOT of time.
Hugs and many thanks for all you contribute to Cute and Cuties everywhere!

dididwiar by dididwiar 16 Sep 2014

I for one come here every day that I can and although I won't lie and say I don't miss DBC it does not deter me for talking to my friends and reading about how everyone is.
I love this site. I may not say alot but I try to keep up.
Thankyou for this Great site and all that you do. Also Thankyou to all you Cuties for all your help and friendship.
Hugs Didi xxxx

by asterixsew Moderator 15 May 2014

The lack of comments from us regulars means that we are coping fine without DBC.
Thanks for the comments above Rescuer I have read and commented on all the postings. Somehow I think those who keep asking the question will not see this post :(

rescuer by rescuer 15 May 2014

It will be the only way they can read the answer to that question now. When a Cutie needs to know -- this will come back to the top.

clawton by clawton 16 May 2014

Thanks for doing this post. Hopefully it will help answer that frequently asked question.

rescuer by rescuer 17 May 2014

I hope so as well.

by jerrib 15 May 2014

I hope those that are just looking for the freebee's will take a good look at all this site has to offer. I have met some of the best friends I will ever know and have been helped countless times, with any problem I have had. I come here for the friendship, love and knowledge that all the members are so willing to give. Please appreciate all the benefits given on this site.
Hugs Jerri

jerrib by jerrib 15 May 2014

PS: Thank you Ms. V. for giving us this wonderful site.

rescuer by rescuer 15 May 2014

Hugs and flowers for you!