by chattypenny 05 Apr 2014

Recipe Mini Quilt

A few years ago, my Aunt sent me a cookbook from her church. Her mom's recipe for sweet potatoes was in that book. It took my Aunt nearly 20 years to finally duplicate that special recipe. My Aunt's mother has been passed for over 30 years. I wanted something really special for my Aunt, so I made a mini quilt for her kitchen featuring her Mom's special recipe. I can't wait to see my Aunt's face when she opens it! She has no idea that this is coming in the mail today! I'm blessed to be able to do this for her. Priceless memories!
This design was digitized by my Wonderful friend, Deb from


by crosses 06 Apr 2014

Wonderful gift.

by buffy1 05 Apr 2014


by graceandham 05 Apr 2014

I did a cross stitch design (by hand) of my Mother's Dad's business card from when he drove a milk wagon as a new dad. Same kind of good memories. I mailed it on a Christmas I couldn't afford the trip home,along with a wrapped box of Kleenexes labeled, "Open this first - You'll need it." She did!

by greytgirl 05 Apr 2014

What a wonderful keepsake for your Aunt. Surely a gift from the heart!

by baldacchino 05 Apr 2014

We all love doing things to make some ones Day good on you L Sherene X

by babash 05 Apr 2014

What a wonderful neice you are.

by sonjapotgieter 05 Apr 2014

Gorgeous!! Great work

by Leaha 05 Apr 2014

This is a beautiful tribute, she will love this reminder of her mother; if you aren't already her favorite this will place you near the top! Very Nice! :)

by oaro 05 Apr 2014

very nice

by highlandermom 05 Apr 2014

I love your memory quilt and that is such a sweet gift from your heart.

by noah 05 Apr 2014

You are very kind to do this for her .She will be so blessed hugs

by cj2sew 05 Apr 2014

You're absolutely right it is a priceless memory. I would never have thought to take a recipe and turn it into a mini quilt. It is a great idea and one I will have use. Thank you for your inspiration

by pldc 05 Apr 2014

What a wonderful gift! ~hugs~

by decojo 05 Apr 2014

very nice!

by teun 05 Apr 2014

Das ist eine wunderschöne Arbeit

by dragonflyer 05 Apr 2014

What a wonderful tribute and fantastic way to pass on family favorites!