by 1961nancy ( edited 16 Feb 2014 ) 16 Feb 2014

Mesh zippy bags

I made one of these bag in a club that I belong to. I had so much fun making it that I decided to make some for my coworkers. I put Valentine candy in them for a sweet treat and left them sitting on their keyboard. Sorry I do not remember where all the different designs came from. It's all done in the hoop.



by teun 17 Feb 2014

Sehn alle ganz toll aus

by lilylyn 16 Feb 2014

They all look great. The mesh makes a nice purse and you don't have to line it!!! Lyn

by bevintex 16 Feb 2014

I like this idea,where did you purchase the mesh and what is it called exactly.

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1961nancy by 1961nancy 17 Feb 2014

It’s called pet mesh and I got my at JO-ANN fabric which only carry’s it in black .Some of the ladies in the class had colored mesh from Fabric Depot.
I am glad you enjoyed looking at them.


by mommajo 16 Feb 2014

Wow busy woman. Wish I could get inspired like that

by cj2sew 16 Feb 2014

What a sweet co-worker you are. These are great.

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1961nancy by 1961nancy 17 Feb 2014

The ladies loved them.


by oaro 16 Feb 2014

you did great job

by katydid 16 Feb 2014

Busy girl and great idea!!!

by gigi70alvarran 16 Feb 2014

Great job beautiful designs.:}:}

by lucy1234 16 Feb 2014

Thank you, really great gift idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

by lilylady 16 Feb 2014

very nice, Iike!

by pldc 16 Feb 2014

terrific job Hugs Loralye

by devon 16 Feb 2014

great work love your idea here. well done

by robinbird 16 Feb 2014

These bags you've done are de-elightful. Wondered did you have a pattern you used or is it a ITH design? Thanks for sharing it. :~D

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1961nancy by 1961nancy 17 Feb 2014

The bag is and ITH design. You can get it at
PJ projects.


by laffma1 16 Feb 2014

These look fantastic! You did a great job on them, and your coworkers can re-use them for many things, besides filling with candies. Mesh bags are wonderful to have, and so are zip bags. These are a very practical combination of both. Nicely done!!

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1961nancy by 1961nancy 17 Feb 2014

I was worried about the size on some of the designs. I am pleased with the way they turned out.

Thanks for taking a look.


by cfidl 16 Feb 2014

Wow! You have been busy. They look great! I had heard of mesh bags, the embroidery looks fine even though there is no fabric to stitch to.

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1961nancy by 1961nancy 17 Feb 2014

Thank you