by lovetoostitch 17 Jan 2014

I started this project before Christmas and have put the finishing touches to them this week. This is the very first applique quilting I have ever done. The design in the centre of the table cover was adapted from a magazine - and cut in half for the runner. The small flowers around the edge is my own design. I think that you can just about see that the quilting is in a sunray on the background and follows the shape of the leaves.

I made an octagonal cover as I was not confident I could make a perfect circle. The final picture shows work in progress before any quilting was done. This was all machine work apart from stitching down the edging on the back of both items.


by lovetoostitch 19 Jan 2014

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I had such fun working out how I was going to make and finish these. I can't plan a design in total before I start, all my work evolves as it goes along, And I can say, very modestly, I am (almost) totally happy with the finished result
I have given all you lovely cuties a flower!

by capoodle 19 Jan 2014

They look amazing.

by wendylib 18 Jan 2014

Very Nice

by clawton 18 Jan 2014

They are lovely! colors are beautiful.

by mariagiannina 18 Jan 2014

Beautiful work!

by justsew 18 Jan 2014

everything it stunning, I love echo quilting,
hugs pam.

by babash 18 Jan 2014

Wow it looks lovely. Especially the colours.

by christracey 18 Jan 2014

They both look fabulous, well done.

by sonjapotgieter 17 Jan 2014

You did a great job!!!Well done

by oaro 17 Jan 2014

you did beautiful work love the colors

by highlandermom 17 Jan 2014

This is beautiful work for your first applique quilting.

by cfidl 17 Jan 2014

You clearly have sewing and quilting skills. Quite impressive and I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

by noah 17 Jan 2014

love the whole bunch very nice work for sure hugs

by pldc 17 Jan 2014

ah this is very pretty both of them! Well done another UFO finished! Hugs Loralye **

by rosemarie2 17 Jan 2014

Very pretty - love the colours!

by dragonflyer 17 Jan 2014

Very nice....and Welcome to Cute!

by ethan 17 Jan 2014

This is very nice, you did a great job.


by spendlove Moderator 17 Jan 2014

Very nice indeed - love the colour scheme!

by airyfairy 17 Jan 2014

You have done a really great job. Welcome to Cute. Sarah (South Africa)

by michemb 17 Jan 2014

very, very nice, great job and this is your first one, can't wait to see more

by sewdeb 17 Jan 2014

Stunning! I love the colors and the designs. Well done.

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sewdeb by sewdeb 17 Jan 2014

Oh, and WELCOME TO CUTE!!! Glad you're here!

by devon 17 Jan 2014

Wow great work.

by cherylgauteng 17 Jan 2014

This is really lovely - the design and the colours. Thanks for sharing this with me !