by jasanne 08 Jun 2008

These went with the casserole carrier. The pattern idea again from Embroidery Library projects, although I did not complete in the hoop, and used bias binding instead.


by dlonnahawkins 09 Jun 2008

Very nice, and a good comanion to the carrier. I have the pattern, but just did not ever do it. Guess I need to now that I have seen them done. Well done.

by katydid 09 Jun 2008

Turned out really well.

by gerryvb 09 Jun 2008

lovely designs !!

by jayemcee46 09 Jun 2008

very attractive holders thanx fir sharing Jo *4U

by newipswich 09 Jun 2008

Very, very nice! I like the idea of using the bias tape for the edgings. Flower for sharing.

by ezzemml 09 Jun 2008

Very nice indeed love bird life and they look so real.

by stickmuster 09 Jun 2008

Very beautiful set! Flowers for it

by jrob Moderator 09 Jun 2008

Too pretty to mess up as pot holders!;)

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jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008

They wash ;)

by blessinge 09 Jun 2008

These are so pretty. What a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing.

by shirleysisson 09 Jun 2008

Very beautiful and well made. *4U

by mpo14011 09 Jun 2008

They are very pretty. Love the birds.Flower for you

by mops Moderator 09 Jun 2008


by shirlener88 09 Jun 2008

Very lovely! *4U

by jillsmith 09 Jun 2008

Forgive this question if it is silly, I am just getting into all of this. I have not done pot holders/stands before as I was afraid that the heat would melt the embroidery threads. Did you use cotton thread? Or are the others OK?

jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008

No questions are ever silly, that is how we all learn.
I've used poly and rayon threads on these, but the design is on the back side, not the side you hold the pot with. I used ironing board fabric lined with insulbrite and cotton batting for the side that you put to the heat. If you have a look at the projects at embroidery library I started there, but modified it a bit as my machine had a disagreement with me about stitching it out as an in-the-hoop item, probably because I tried to rezize it ;)

jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008

oops.. forgot to add the link

jillsmith by jillsmith 09 Jun 2008

Thank you jasanne

by elenu 09 Jun 2008

Very nice to have matching mitts to the carrier.

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jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008

I just hope they get worn out, not just looked at ;) When we sorted my husbands granmothers estate there was so many nice things packed in her linen cupboards that she had never used, while what she did use was worn out and tatty. I learnt a lesson from that :(

by lorettag28 08 Jun 2008

Wow, they are lovely.

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jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008

Thankyou, I was happy how they turned out, probably happier with the caserole carrier though.

by lbrow 08 Jun 2008

These were a wonderful compliment to the cassarole carrier *4U

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jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008

Thank you