by lique 27 Sep 2013

In the hope that it helps to get me slimmer and trimmer I made myself a swimming bag. Inside a smaller bag to put all my smaller items. (And yes I am getting slimmer!!! Lost 2.5 stone (35 pounds or 16 kg))

This one comes from embroidery library. As usual stitched out beautifully!


by cj2sew 27 Sep 2013

You go girl. I bet you feel so much better.
Does this mean that one day the bag will even be smaller since you will be wearing a tiny bikini. LOL
Only in my dreams could I get that skinny.
You did an awesome job on your bags.

by feedabear 27 Sep 2013

What am inspiration! Congratulations on the weight loss and enjoy the bag!

by highlandermom 27 Sep 2013

Congrats with the weight off. This is a gorgeous bag.

by anne55 27 Sep 2013

Lovely bag, and congratulations on your weight loss. Keep up the great work, on both counts!

by dionisiam 27 Sep 2013

Proprio bella questa sporta con sacca.

by edithfarminer 27 Sep 2013

Super bag and like it that you have a smaller one to match. Well done your weight loss.

by gerryb 27 Sep 2013

Great!! Both the bag & your weight loss!!

by oaro 27 Sep 2013

This is beautiful done

by spendlove Moderator 27 Sep 2013

This is a gorgeous bag! Well done for both the bag and the weight loss.

by jerrib 27 Sep 2013

Beautiful and very handy looking bag. Congratulations on your weight loss.

by noah edited 27 Sep 2013

Awesome so glad to here your going down in size and your design and sewing are great lol hugs