by Jaie 15 Aug 2013

Last one I promise!

Lace is from the Evenfall Collection, Urban Threads, choker is decorated using beads and findings from Walmart.

Matching mask, hair decoration, bracelet, and other pieces. This is a work in progress.


by oaro 16 Aug 2013

very nice lace

by Jaie 16 Aug 2013

It's a wonderful set, but very time consuming to do all of it. I don't have some of it done yet, but just beading the necklace was a 2 day project.

by pennifold 16 Aug 2013

Absolutely stunning, well sewn out. Love Chris

by oemmes47 16 Aug 2013

wahnsinn..das ist einfach wunderschön..

by a1lotte 16 Aug 2013

Nice Set and a lot of stitching!

by cj2sew 15 Aug 2013

Oh my! This is a tremendous amount of work that had to take a lot of time. It is really beautiful.

by pldc 15 Aug 2013

Wow this is an amazing set! You will be the bell of the party! Hugs & *** 4ALL, Loralye

by capoodle 15 Aug 2013

It is beautiful. With all those stitches it will hold up well to being worn as jewelry.

by Jaie edited 15 Aug 2013

Yeah, UT is infamously stitch heavy and this is no exception. I think I've got about 6 hours into this set, easily. And that's not including the actual beading.

by toogie 15 Aug 2013

Nice Set and a lot of stitching!