by Jaie 15 Aug 2013

Urban Threads (I know, but they're so nice!) masks, Evenfall and Raven various colors and additions.


by oaro 17 Aug 2013

they look great

by pldc 15 Aug 2013

WOW you must have a masquerade party! What fun! Hugs & *** 4ALL, Loralye

by zedna 15 Aug 2013

They all look great to me!

by Jaie 15 Aug 2013

These are all done in a 4x4.

by cootie 15 Aug 2013

what size are they? I just wondered if my small hoop could do it? 5 x 7 is all i'm limited to unless I could re-hoop which could be diffficult

by capoodle 15 Aug 2013

Fancy masks and like all the different colors you made them in.

by Jaie 15 Aug 2013

That's sparkly trim, I have a special foot that lets me add trims easily (pearling foot) but I'm really liking the heat sets more.

by edithfarminer 15 Aug 2013

Like the balck one bast too, seems to have crystals around the eyes. super

by Jaie 15 Aug 2013

Thanks, lots love that black one, and since getting into heat sets, I make these even more glittery.

by toogie 15 Aug 2013

I just made my first mask, myself, although not FSL.I like the black best